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Comment Re: Comment (Score 1) 298

Think about it: Imagine Anthony Hopkins playing the role of a young teenager. Sure, he's a really talented actor, but it would just be really...odd..

The more serious issue is that you seldom get female lead roles for 35 to 70 year olds in mainstream movies. So being "outed" as 38 instead of 29 could render you unemployable.

And, yes, obviously there are exceptions.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 642

Additionally, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that climate change deniers skew more religious than climate change acceptors.

What's more, I vaguely recall reading some actual religious arguments against anthropogenic climate change. Something vaguely like:

[1] "The climate is not changing significantly enough to harm humanity, because God would not let that happen"


[2] "Only God is powerful enough to change the climate".

And then there's the US's ridiculous Rapture cult, who would WELCOME an Extinction Level Event because they're convinced they'd be Raptured. Don't even get me started on THAT crowd.

There is also the view frequently seen on slashdot that we don't need to worry about climate change because technology/human ingenuity/clever programming will provide a solution at some point before it all goes too seriously wrong.

In terms of unfalsifiability, it is up there with more obviously religious beliefs.

Comment Re:We're doomed (Score 3, Insightful) 259

Am I the only one who is scared about the fact that these clueless fuckwits have enough data on us to diagnose which of us has prostate cancer?

Diagnosing that someone has prostate cancer because they've googled "symptoms of prostate cancer" isn't rocket surgery.

Comment Re: Market failure (Score 1) 428

There are two choices: higher prices, or some sort of rationing. The higher prices are always better for sellers, and usually better for buyers as well.

What you mean is, higher prices are better for rich buyers.

It is self evident that if you're a billionaire you're likely to prefer to pay rather than wait your turn.

Comment Re:Volunteer and donate (Score 1) 428

Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to not understand this?

There's not some sitting in Uber HQ with his hand on a knob that controls the surge amount. Surge pricing is based on an algorithm which is based on the ride data. It has no idea about terror attacks or other disasters.

Then perhaps the whole basis of Uber is flawed?

The fact that you can make money from something does not necessarily make it acceptable. Slavery made lots of people lots of profit until the "evil government" stepped in with anti-free market laws making it illegal.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 428


I don't understand the problem myself. Without Uber you wouldn't have had a ride at all. If you don't like the pricing try waiting for a taxi or use another service.

Repeat after me: Uber is NOT run by the government... that's both what makes it good... AND what leads to scenarios like this. You can't have the good (low fares, clean cars, drivers that give a shit) without allowing them to work with the free market (supply / demand).

No, that is a false dichotomy, which is only logical if you start from the premise that anything to do with "government" is automatically bad.

It is perfectly normal to have constraints on pure free market business unless you are an ultra-libertarian who thinks for example that there should be no banking regulation, no environmental protection or consumer safety laws, and so on.

Comment Re:piracy? (Score 1) 88

I've often wondered what prevents (aside from stupendous cost) someone from launching up to one of these and taking it over while it's not occupied?

I'm just guessing, but what prevents someone from launching up to one of these and taking it over while it's not occupied is probably the stupendous cost.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 1) 412

If I posted an old picture of a friend from college, and that friend said "hey, I'd rather not have that on the Internet," I'd immediately take it down.

Yes, but you wouldn't expect him to sue you if you refused, although it would presumably mean the end of your friendship. I think it is evident that the daughter and parents are well past the stage of being on friendly terms.

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