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Comment Re:vote with your money (Score 2, Insightful) 258

No-no-no! The majority of MW2 players are 13-15-year-olds (if I'm off here it's not by a mile), who simply don't understand the meaning of the word "boycott". They joind in thinking it would be a great idea for dedicated servers to be available, but when you actually explain what the word means they go "huh? i never agreed to that! I wanna play!".

Comment Re:MW2 (Score 1) 258

6 years of playing InstaGib modes have not passed unnoticed... I have stopped playing shooters online after people started kicking me for cheating. The only game i'm still able to play normally is Nexuiz - people there seem more skilled than any other mainstream game and don't bitch when being 1-shotted 3-4 times in a row from a distance of half the map (zoom is there, but i rarely use it).

Submission + - Vigin and Universal goin online 1

teh.f4ll3n writes: Virgin Media and Universal Music group are planning on launching a new online service, subscribers of which will avail of limitless music downloads.
For a monthly fee users will be able to listen to and download music without any imposed limits. Downloaded media could then be played on any device (iPod, other MP3-players, phones and computers). Those who regularly download music, but don't want to sign up for "unlimited" membership will have access to "basic" membership for a small fee.
Virgin and Universal can't say yet when the new service will be launched. The companies are currently in negotiations with british labels, independent recording studios and publishers (producers?) to rack up the biggest library possible for the service opening.
Virgin and Universal representatives are certain that their new initiative will aid reducing the piracy and will make many people abandon p2p networks.
Translated from russian. Original

Comment Re:Best of Arcade games (Score 1) 177

Most certainly is! Ah, the blisters in my thumbs blaying the hand-held day and night, the "come on, you lazy piece of crap, fall faster" shouts while you're still on low levels (and no, hitting down button still wasn't fast enough)... Those were the days...
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Tetris turns 25 (guardian.co.uk)

teh.f4ll3n writes: This week can be marked as The Tetris Week. 25 years ago a russian (soviet) researcher thought of one of the world's most popular games. It is now that we celebrate it's 25th anniversary.

Twenty-five years ago, inside the bowels of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow, a young artificial intelligence researcher received his first desktop computer — the Soviet-built Elektronika 60, a copy of an American minicomputer called a PDP-11 — and began writing programs for it.

Comment Asking /.? (Score 0) 695

There's always the Guest account. Or you can just say no in a polite but firm way. Some people on Slashdot will put it in a simpler way saying: Tell them to fuck off! The fack is, for some of us/them/whatever asking to use one's laptop is like asking to use one's girlfriend - it's unpleasant to say the least. And if someone fuckes her up... That's why the only real to keep it private is not alowing anyone near it. Unpleasant? Maybe. Safer by not letting some random person poke his dirty firgers at it? Most definitely. You've been given plenty of options. The choice is really up to you.

Comment Re:For fuck's sake, people! (Score 0) 187

Actually I do (though it has become a long distance relationship lately), and she hates the series. Tried playing Sims 2 once... Took her an hour to get fed up with it. So yeah, I still fail to understand how a person, in his/her right mind can like this game. Sure, mod me a troll, really couldn't care less. The fact stands, this is one of the most pointless and advertised games out there (that and WoW - no flamebait intended, just my PERSONAL opinoin). And people buy/pirate (or rather aks to) it simply because the know not any better. That's why the outrage... stop, think for a while, use your heads for once, insted of blindly following the ads.

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