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Submission + - US DOJ Opposes Regulations for Net Neutrality

weddellharbor writes: The US Department of Justice has just issued a press release detailing its conclusions that congress should not regulate in a way that would "preclude broadband providers from charging content and application providers directly for faster or more reliable service." The DOJ went on to say that differentiating service levels and pricing is a common and often efficient way of allocating scarce resources." (Quotes from the press release). The DOJ evidently believes that antitrust law alone is sufficient to ensure that consumers are protected and that beyond that, the marketplace should rule. The entire filing is available at
The Internet

Submission + - How much are ad servers slowing down the internet? 2

vipermac writes: Most the times I have a problem with a web page loading slow (or freezing temporarily), I look down at the status bar and see that it is waiting on an ad server, google analytics, or the like. It seems to me on popular web sites the bottle neck is overwhelmingly on the ad servers now and not on the servers of the main web site itself. In my opinion it seems we need a better model for serving ads or else these services need to add more servers/bandwidth. Are there any studies on the delay that 3rd party ad servers are creating, or any new models that are being introduced to serve ads?

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