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Submission + - The GOOP from the Matrix?

techhead79 writes: A few days ago on here the question came up with establishing a colony on another planet. I made the statement that it wouldn't be possible until you can build a self sustaining environment here on Earth with no sunlight. So I guess I have a question that would probably be better for a TED convention or something but here it goes. What would be required to create a self sustaining environment without the use of any plants or animals? Is it possible to make the Goop from the Matrix that feeds everyone in real life?

Comment Re:Medical use (Score 1) 464

I'm not even going to bother to make a real reply here - you clearly haven't been paying attention. SSDP specifically states on their website that they have no opinion on the issue of legalization. That's not what we do. So how about you stop assuming every time you hear the word 'drug' that it's a buch of pot smoking hippies trying to legalize weed.

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