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Comment Wrong question (to me) (Score 1) 92

To me, innovation is how humans (or animals) make use of something that already exists. The new use IS the innovation. For instance, some monkey groups are using wood sticks to get ants out and eat them. Creating the wood stick (even by separating it from a tree or bush) isn't innovation : They already exist. Putting the stick into the ant nest isn't innovation : Any random event (wind, birds...) can result in having a stick into an ant nest. Putting the stick into the ant nest, waiting for the ants to walk on the stick, and eat them isn't innovation : If you create a database of things where you have stick, monkey, ant, nest and possible relationships, extracting random information from your database will inevitably result in this tuple / words being extracted "monkey uses wood stick to get ants out and eat the ants.". To me, the innovation is WHY the heck the computer / random record picker would choose / consider this possibility as more interesting, from one point of view (the monkey, the ant, the universe, whatever...) than previously. To me, THIS is innovation. There has to be a point of view. There has to be an innovator. Does the computer need to innovate for himself ? My answer is no. Can the computer propose something innovative, useful and meaningful ? Put it another way, can the computer judge the utility of an innovation for humans ? My answer is probably no. Because humans care about monkeys, ants, universe and the rest. And humans are creating culture, whereas computers are not.

Comment Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 2) 559

The Crusades were certainly done by organised groups of christians acting in the name of christianity.

Yes. That's why there is a difference between religion / politics (humans trying to take control over other humans, using one of the most subtle kind of manipulation) and faith / spirituality (higher-order ideas that free the human from his unnecessary lower-level problems, and allows achieving meaningfulness, enlightenment, love and peace, at least at personal level, which is a good start, I believe). Humans often tend to pervert good things (whatever the good thing is) in order to achieve domination over others.

Comment Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 1) 559

You would thing that people would be able do away with these historic and completely ridiculous ideas by now. Instead they are still stuck in the dark ages, but now with shiny new technology. Really sad.

Is it ridiculous to think humanity needs, like a child, to learn from something higher (his "parents", i.e. the "why I am existing", which is a spiritual question), on how to achieve happiness (check history & the news for insights) ? Forbid a child to eat too much sweeties, he won't understand first (he's like "eating sweeties is so sweet, this is a very pleasant experience, it cannot be bad for me !"). Rules and advices probably seem very awkward and stupid from the child's point of view.

Comment Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 2) 559

You would thing that people would be able do away with these historic and completely ridiculous ideas by now. Instead they are still stuck in the dark ages, but now with shiny new technology. Really sad.

"Historic and completely ridiculous ideas", are you sure ? Do you mean that it is ridiculous to be surprised or even "enlightened" by the fact that there is something (i.e. the universe, and you, consciously speaking about the fact that you exist in a universe that exists, unexpectedly or not), instead of nothing (i.e. a situation that would have been far more probable, at least to me) ?

Comment Innovative VJ technique (Score 1) 141

I see this more of an innovative VJ technique, which is cool indeed, rather than a reliable brain reader (or even vision center reader). Nevertheless, the output could be made more psychedelic, colorful and various. The idea and implementation is indeed very fun to us, IT people, because we usually love data crunching and we are enthusiastic about sci-fi, but, seriously... The title of the post is badly chosen.

Comment Is voice signature what they really want ? (Score 1) 138

I'm sure Google wants to be able to identify people by their voices... I mean in the digital era, where you have pseudonyms, multiple identities, and where portable (micro)phones are proliferating, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of the opportunity to identify or disambiguate people's identity thanks to their voice signature... I'm going to choose my future phone operating systems very carefully...

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