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Comment All MS needs to say to Apple kids (Score 1) 375

is that they're more special by NOT working for Apple.

One of the biggest main lines in the Apple store I worked for (and left - i started between $11 and $12 an hour in Northern VA btw) was that you were SPECIAL by working for Apple, and you were giving people a world, etc. So what if they paid more, etc.

I was one of the few people there that didn't own a Mac (the discount would have been great to use, but they didn't pay me enough to buy it in the first place) so whenever someone would talk about switching from Windows, I was the one to sell them - or not sell them - a Mac.

Honestly most of the times I sold Macs were because they could dual boot windows and go to the mac side if they felt like it.

was very very very happy to leave Apple after the corporate hiding of sexual harassment, the divulging personal info to managers that were fired for said sexual harassment, and many many other things.

(For the record, I still only own an iPod.)

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 512

Exactly. We're all well aware of all the things people do to alter their appearance on a daily basis to look more attractive. If someone is naturally overweight and works out a lot to be thin, that's "altering their appearance". If someone has cosmetic surgery for any reason, it's the same thing. So is makeup, hair coloring, hell anything but the most basic hair styles in general. Specially tailored clothes fall in that category too.

It's stupid to complain about this since the vast majority of people (men and women) do things on a daily basis to make them look better than they naturally do.

The Internet

Submission + - Inside the AP's Plan to Wrap/DRM its News Content (

suraj.sun writes: Associated Press, reeling from the newspaper apocalypse, has a new plan to "wrap" and "protect" its content though a "digital permissions framework.

The Associated Press last week rolled out its brave new plan to "apply protective format to news." The AP's news registry will "tag and track all AP content online to assure compliance with terms of use," and it will provide a "platform for protect, point, and pay." That's a lot of "p"-prefaced jargon, but it boils down to a sort of DRM for news--"enforcement," in AP-speak.

According to the AP's announcement ( ), the news registry it plans to set up relies on a new "microformat," described thusly:

        The microformat will essentially encapsulate AP and member content in an informational "wrapper" that includes a digital permissions framework that lets publishers specify how their content is to be used online and which also supplies the critical information needed to track and monitor its usage.

        The registry also will enable content owners and publishers to more effectively manage and control digital use of their content, by providing detailed metrics on content consumption, payment services and enforcement support. It will support a variety of payment models, including pay walls.

To make the system clear, the AP also released this not-in-any-way confusing chart ( ) of what it intends to do.

ARSTechnica :

Media (Apple)

Apple Sued For Turning Workers Into Slaves 1153

SwiftyNifty writes "Apple employees are putting together a class action lawsuit for not receiving overtime pay. A Lawsuit filed Monday in California seeks class action status alleging that Apple denied technical staffers required overtime pay and meal compensation in violation of state law. Filed in the US District Court for Southern California, the complaint claims that many Apple employees are routinely subjected to working conditions resembling indentured servitude, or 'modern day slaves,' for lack of better words."
United States

Submission + - Wikia busted purchasing FFXIClopedia for $200,000?

An anonymous reader writes: Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), Square-Enix's unique entry into the MMORPG
market, is not the most popular of the genre. Nonetheless, one of its
strengths lies in the broad community support that it inspires in its
fans. A number of unique metadata sites have sprung up around it,
including the groundbreaking FFXIAH ( Auction
House tracking service.

One of the newer entries to this list is FFXIclopedia
(, an FFXI wiki. As with most wikis, the
content was provided principally by the users and the community. So
what happens when businesses notice such a grass-roots niche market?
Apparently, the answer is: a cover-up of misspent fund-raiser moneys,
and a sale of the content to Wikia for USD $200,000 in cash and stock
options. Source:

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