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Comment Re:Hmmmmmmmmm (Score 2) 136

I was in the same boat but I finally adopted VLC as my media player and it depends on the basic Qt libraries. It is so much faster to start and uses the least memory of any video player, for GTK+ or Qt. It really proves to me that Qt code can run just as fast as GTK code, even on a primarily GTK machine.

Also bear in mind that LXDE has not yet announced any plans to drop GTK support, but GTK3 team has been openly dismissive of anyone not developing for Gnome in specific, so it may be inevitable.

Comment you have every option here (Score 1) 386

Got hosting? Could you get free hosting?

You have a dozen online IDEs to pick from, perhaps codeanywhere, cloud9ide or shiftedit would be good choices. Write your PHP, Perl, Python, etc, right there.

Got hosting? Could you get a free shell account?

Download PuTTY and ssh in, find your favorite editor and install it to ~/.local or wherever you get to put your personal programs. Code to your hearts content and compile it - C, Haskell, Malbolge, whatever you like.

*Really* want to develop on Windows? Okay, go to vbox.me and download Virtualbox, install it portably. Bonus points if you put it in a truecrypt partition so dismounting it leaves no traces. Install Windows in a virtual machine and enjoy being administrator. Install your favorite IDE and program away.

Comment Re:First PHP post (Score 1) 244

Because when push comes to shove, it's easy to write, easy to make poorly thought-out patches and bugfixes to, and easy to set up and run.

The main criticisms I hear of PHP are that it's "too easy" and lends itself to spaghetti code and security flaws.

Being too easy means the market is saturated with PHP developers and it can be difficult, especially for HR, to decide who is actually a good programmer, and who is not.

Submission + - How long do you wait for replies to e-mail?

tinkertim writes: "What I am asking has been asked many times before. I've noticed that people (in general, through my own dealings) seem to be growing increasingly impatient (seems more so over the last year). I'd like to ask slashdot readers, simply, how long does it take before you feel that someone 'blew you off' by not replying to your e-mail and how upset do you get when this appears to happen?"

Submission + - BonziBUDDY ported to Mac OS X - the world's end?

An anonymous reader writes: As it could be read recently on digg and Ars Technica, the world famoust spyware, the BonziBUDDY, has been ported to OSX, no exatcly like the original but as price for the spyware freeness, with a bit more "profane" attitude to the users. Does spyware free ports of the world famoust spyware bring the mac world in danger? At least it's worth a good laugh.

Submission + - Google Documents and Spreadsheet enters Desktop

IT Soup writes: "http://itsoup.blogspot.com/2006/12/google-docs-and -spreadsheets-now-enters.html Yet another signal on Google's intention to use its huge market cap in Internet to gain access to Microsoft's honeyspot. Users who install new Google Toolbar 'can' now 'double-click' any compatible document (.doc, .xls, .odt, .rtf, .csv) on their computer and it will open straight in a browser in Google Docs and Spreadsheet."
The Courts

Submission + - U.K. outlaws denial-of-service attacks

gnaremooz writes: A U.K. law has been passed that makes it an offense to launch denial-of-service attacks:
Among the provisions of the Police and Justice Bill 2006, which gained Royal Assent on Wednesday, is a clause that makes it an offense to impair the operation of any computer system. Other clauses prohibit preventing or hindering access to a program or data held on a computer, or impairing the operation of any program or data held on a computer.
Wouldn't this outlaw any kind of copy-protection system? Anyone want to be a test case?

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