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Journal Journal: Gates announce AIDS vaccine initiative

From the article:

Canada will be the site of a new facility to manufacture and test vaccines to fight HIV/AIDS, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates announced Tuesday in Ottawa. Ottawa will contribute up to $111 million toward the new Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative, while the Microsoft founder, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will donate up to $28 million.


Journal Journal: Branson offers $25M prize to fight climate change

From the article:

'British airline tycoon Richard Branson announced a $25-million prize for the first person or group to find a way to remove billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The contest, called the Virgin Earth Challenge, will be open for five years, with a panel of judges including Branson and Gore evaluating submissions. The winner will receive $5 million US up front and the remaining $20 million after the 10-year time frame.'


Journal Journal: Scientists Map Human Metabolome Chemicals

Alberta scientists have successfully mapped the chemical equivalent of the human genome. The chemicals, known as metabolites, are the ingredients of life that is laid out by the human genome, the blueprint of life.

From the article:

"The results of the $7.5-million project, which began in 2004 and involved 53 scientists, is expected to give doctors and researchers a new way to identify and diagnose diseases: by examining the chemical composition of the human body."


Journal Journal: Video Games Themes - Orchestra Style

At Video Games Live, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performed video game themes from back-in-the-day with a full symphony orchestra behind them.

"The evening combines exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists and groundbreaking interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience."

The show, which has upcoming dates all over North America - including San Francisco, Columbus, Los Angeles and Calgary - presents music from all of your favourites, including Mario, Zelda, Halo, Donkey Kong and Warcraft.


Journal Journal: Homesense/Winners Credit Cards Stolen

The Globe and Mail and CBC are reporting that the parent company of Winners and Homesense, TJX Cos., was hacked into over the Christmas season, losing literally millions of credit card accounts. The company - which is still trying to assess to full extent of the damage - says the information stolen is for transactions between 2003 and 2006.

'Citing unnamed sources, the Globe and Mail reported Thursday that two million Visa credit card accounts in Canada and 20 million Visa cards globally have been affected... "Our first concern is the potential impact of this crime on our customers, and we strongly recommend that they carefully review their credit card and debit card statements, and other account information for unauthorized use," [said a company representative.'

So if you don't remember purchasing that $500,000 sofa from Winners, I'd look at your statement a little closer.


Journal Journal: Doomsday Clock Moves to Five Minutes to Midnight

The Doomsday Clock has moved two minutes closer to midnight to 11:55. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who have maintained the clock since 1947 have moved it closer to signal the shifting concerns on global warming, the nuclear developments of Iran and Korea and the threat of a second nuclear age.

The clock has been used as a gauge of the perils facing humanity since its creation in 1947, moving backwards or forwards to indicate times of peace and peril respectively.


Journal Journal: HP To Improve Chip Density Using Nanotechnology

The CBC is reporting that HP has developed a new technique using nanotechnology to increase the transistor density on their chips. The key to the new technique lies in the use of silicon nanowires to connect the transistors.

From the article:
"These circuits are prized in communications, automotive and consumer electronics because their components can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform different tasks. The lab hopes a prototype chip using 15-nanometre crossbar wires will be made within a year and hopes to produce the chips by 2010."


Journal Journal: Genealogy Website Publishes Immigrants' Documents

CBC is reporting about a new online database website, ancestorsonboard.com, allows users to search through more than 30 million passengers of ships destined for Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand and the United States from as far back as 1890. The site's search can be narrowed by name, port of departure, destination country and destination port.

From the article: "The website, www.ancestorsonboard.com, allows people to view digitized high-resolution colour images of passenger manifests, customs claims and other documents listing travellers' names and destinations that until now were only available in dusty boxes deep inside Britain's National Archives."

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