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Comment Re:Automatic transmissions fail before engines, no (Score 1) 609

    $3,500 is about average for a transmission built with R&R. If you're doing the labor, it may cost less.

    Some transmissions cost significantly more. Total for my ex's Honda CR-V was $4,800. That wasn't just us getting ripped off. I had several mechanics trying to source one for cheaper or even a used one, so they could get the job instead. That particular transmission only showed up in a single model year, and only on the Honda CR-V. As always, the less common the parts, the more they cost.

Comment Re:Sorry, but why? (Score 1) 267

Pepper spray is illegal for use in war under the Geneva Convention, it falls under riot control substances, which are banned.

What they are talking about doing is feeding it to their soldiers in cold weather. That definitely wouldn't help their cold weather survival because it would boost circulation, increasing heat loss, so it must be about making them more capable in cold weather - essentially making them "better soldiers" in the cold at the cost of having to be more careful with hypothermia.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 270

lolwut? facebook/myspace/craigslist/etc/etc/etc.

But hey, a lot of people are on facebook, let's blame it on that.

You do realise that Britain is not part of the United States, don't you?

From :

Facebook has long been the UK’s most popular Social Networking site and now has over 19 million active users. In May 2009 alone received 23.9 million visitors in the UK. Other popular social networking sites continued to struggle to keep up with Facebook – Bebo followed as the second most visited UK Social Network (8.5 million visitors), then Windows Live Profile (6.9 million visitors) and MySpace Sites (6.5 million visitors)...

Comment Re:HDTVs with VGA input (Score 2, Informative) 330

Still, I wonder why it's VGA input. Why not DVI?

TVs tend to have both VGA and HDMI inputs. But a lot of computers, especially netbooks and the like, have room for only one output.

HDMI seems to be present on all HDTVs, but not DVI... I wonder why...

Because HDMI is signal-compatible with DVI, and a cable from a computer's DVI output to a TV's HDMI input is under $10 on Amazon.

Comment Re:That's a nice server you got there (Score 1) 238

Actually, that brings up a point. Since this is about security flaws in their distribution, wouldn't this make them liable if something happened to your sever? "They gave me faulty software which THEY KNEW WAS FAULTY because they wanted to charge me $xx to get the fix"...?

Only if they knew that specific fault existed and would impact you before selling it - and even that assumes the standard "no liability" disclaimers could be circumvented.

Comment Re:Wing Commander II (Score 1) 251

Myst and Riven are two examples of games with exactly these opposites. In Myst, the only three characters in the entire game were played by Rand and Robyn Miller, who designed the game. The acting was not terrible, but you could sort of tell that acting wasn't what they did. Rand ended up playing Atrus in all the Myst games, but he always said he was never an actor. (He was better in the later games.)

Riven, of course, saw the return of Rand as Atrus, but all of the other actors were professionals, if not well known. Gehn was played by John Keston, who is a theatrically trained British actor, with a bit of skill at opera. There's an easter egg in Riven that shows Gehn singing "O Sole Mio". This acting was wonderful, and it made Riven a great game to play.

Comment Re:The smaller they are the easier they fall (Score 1) 241

I wonder what this says about the degree of power different entities have when they choose to resist DMCA requests. Would Google's upstream provider(s) ever dare to take Google offline should Google decide not to comply with a particular DMCA request like Cryptome's provider has done?

No part of the DMCA requires an upstream provider (that is, a 17 USC 512(a) service provider) to disconnect a user. Only hosting providers (17 USC 512(c)) and search providers (17 USC 512(d)) are required to take down material. Google is presumably self-hosted.

Comment Re:eh (Score 1) 699

You don't even have to look that far. A year ago there was a big story about a school that strip-searched a female student because another student claimed he got Advil from her .

This happens more often than you would think. Several teenage girls were strip searched in Iowa recently, supposedly looking for money one girl reported stolen. They even let the accuser watch the girls strip. Even though Iowa has a law against this, no charges have been filed and the school has said they won't do anything until someone makes them. Schools are almost completely unaccountable to their abuse of students in many states.

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