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Submission + - Slow printing on GNU-Linux? A possible workaround

SixteenTimesFive writes: This kludge I devised is working on my Debian 4.0 box with a HP Deskjet D1460
using lprNG; otherwise you should check if it is applicable to your own setup. As always, back up your system
first. Better yet, test with a sacrificial system and printer, just in case something REALLY goes awry — this is a kludge, after all...

Alright, here it is — change the ":lp=" entry in /etc/printcap from:

" :lp=XXXXXXXX: \ "


" :lp=| /bin/cat > XXXXXXXX: \ "

exactly as shown, spaces and all; the XXXXXXXX being the port the printer is attached to. Restart lprNG and the kludge is complete. Send a file to your printer and see if it's any faster.

PS: I notice that the the /. thread "Slow printing on Linux?" have been inactive since 2004 — there may actually be a proper solution out there, and I've just been using the wrong search terms...

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