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Comment Re:The dark side (tm) (Score 5, Insightful) 654

Definitely a +1 on this. If they want it badly enough, they'll pay. And then to clear your conscience, you can always donate to the project with your newfound riches.

Honstly, if the code is BSD licensed, the only reason they want you to do this is to get rid of competition for their own benefit, which makes them undeserving of a generous price for your time and reputation. It's not like the BSD license would restrict them from using your project anyway, even for commercial purposes.


Submission + - New Wii Dev Tools in the Making

frenchy64 writes: "Looks like Nintendo are finally supporting Third-Party developers. From an article at The Wii Gamers, a new development application called NintendoWare is being developed for Wii Developers. NintendoWare emulates Wii hardware on a PC so that developers can sample parts of their games without having to load it to a Wii dev machine. The motion recognition could also see an upgrade, with a new predictive input tool that uses prior movement to predict your next motion, and a text-to-speech tool is also in the works."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Single Board Computer with open design runs Linux

necio_online writes: "The design of our ECB_AT91 Single-Board Computer is now free. It already runs Debian, OpenEmbedded (Angstrom Distribution) and Buildroot. You can buy one or more, or download the design and build your own. The first wrote about this board almost one year ago.

The board is powered by an Atmel AT91RM9200 processor, which features an ARM9 core clocked at 180MHz. It supports up to 64MB of SDRAM, has one SD/MMC slot, 2 MB of serial flash, one 10/100 Ethernet interface, USB host and two serial ports."
Data Storage

Submission + - ODF Intranet Portal

jeevesbond writes: "I have been doing some feasibility work on creating a FLOSS Intranet Portal for ODF documents; the first task is to find existing projects that already provide some of the required functionality. The requirements are: version control — including diff and merge capabilities for ODF, integration with OpenOffice for check-in/out as a starting point, a Web-based CMS for group sharing of files (preferably one that can be extended to perform other tasks), and network authentication for the CMS: so users don't have to login twice. The eventual aim is to be able to bundle all this up in some way: 'apt-get odf-portal', for instance. Which FLOSS tools would you use for this job? How would you handle diffs and merges for ODF documents?"

Submission + - Leak Hunters

darkreadingman writes: "How does a company know when its employees are giving away confidential information via blogs or chat rooms? How does it know when phishers or competitors are misusing its logos or brand information? Most companies don't. Now there's a growing group of cyberintelligence companies that are trying to help. Using Web crawlers and skilled researchers, these companies scour the Internet for evidence of security leaks or misuse of confidential information. Want to know if a prospective employee blogs too much about his company? Want to know what competitors are saying about your company? These services can tell you. But while such services may help companies beef up their security, they raise some interesting privacy issues. Should a corporation use its employee's personal blogs against them? Is it ethical for companies to monitor what employees say in online chat rooms? Some interesting questions here. 872&WT.svl=news1_2"

Submission + - The Deal Steve Jobs Couldn't Refuse

Government Drone writes: "Remember the 1997 deal in which Microsoft bought $150 million in non-voting Apple stock? According to this story in InformationWeek, it wasn't done all out of the goodness of Bill Gates' heart:

Weeks prior to bailing out a struggling Apple Computer by purchasing $150 million of its stock, Microsoft officials threatened to cut development of a key product for the Macintosh in order to coerce its rival to make the deal, according to an e-mail unearthed during a recent court hearing.

The original text of the E-mail is here, which mentions a threat to pull the plug on Office for Mac, but argues against it for a variety of reasons. An interesting backend view of what was happening in Apple's darkest days."
Data Storage

Submission + - Samsung Begins Shipping Hybrid Hard Drives

writertype writes: "Samsung has become the first company begin shipping hybrid hard drives, we report on ExtremeTech. Unfortunately, there's no word yet (besides "soon") on when retail shipments will begin, or when (or if) 3.5-inch models will be available. Note that these are different than the ReadyBoost USB flash drives optimized for Vista; hybrid drives contain a smaller amount of flash, and work as a write cache for your notebook drive, extending battery life."
United States

Submission + - Switching your Linux systems to the new DST

editingwhiz writes: ""Spring forward; Fall back." That's the way the saying goes. Some years I get it backwards, but I eventually catch on. I've never had to worry about my PCs getting it wrong before, though. Now, with the recent changes in the Daylight Savings Time (DST) rules, I do. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that both my Linux computers and I get the new rules right. Explanation at"

Submission + - Damn Vulnerable Linux

Scott Ainslie Sutton writes: "Enterprise GNU/Linux Resource have highlighted a newly created GNU/Linux distribution named Damn Vulnerable Linux, built upon Damn Small Linux. The distribution, headed by Thorsten Schneider, aims to deliver the Operating System in such a way that it allows Security Students first hand insight and hands on experience with Security issues within GNU/Linux in order to teach them protection and mitigation techniques The project's website describes the distribution as 'the most vulnerable, exploitable Operating System ever' and it's true, the developers have ensured that it contains outdated, ill-configured, flawed code and contains GNU/Linux 2.4 Kernel which is known to have many exploitable avenues in itself. Damn Vulnerable Linux's website can be viewed here."

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