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Submission + - Another painful exploit cripples Eve economy

t00le writes: A recently banned player made a post about a known exploit that is simple as, "After 2 batches u deactivate the input links, then switch the input silos off and push apply. the reaction will go on". Apparently, in his exit post on ScrapHeap Challenge he mentioned that it has been working this way since 2004.
He goes on to explain that he reported it to CCP and was never contacted again. He also seemed somewhat soured by the ban, so on his way out he described the plan and the moronic level at which CCP operates at times.
After news spread like wild fire, posts started popping up on the Eve Online forums and was quickly quashed by the mods. They were stating that we were discussing exploits and it's a bannable offense. (Reference Locked thread Locked thread Locked thread)
They ended up posting on the the German Eve site they were working on it, they quickly copying that statement to the US site.

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