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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do I Deal With Organizations Double Down On The DMCA Process? (

szyzyg writes: "I've created som popular science videos showing how asteroid discoveries have happened over the last few decades. However I've run into a problem with a religious orgnization which borrowed my video and redubbed it to promote their religious message. Ultimately I filed a DMCA takedown request via Youtube's site, it's as easy as filling in a form and the video was removed. But this organization has since submitted a counterclaim claiming 'under penalty of perjury' that they do in fact have the rights to this work, and youtube has reinstated the video. It looks like the only way I can pursue this further is to spend the money to take the organization to court and get an injunction, but even if I did so I'd have to pay court costs up front and since they're based in another country I'd have a difficult time actually collecting any money from the other party. It feels like this other group is simply gambling that I won't spend the time and resources to take further legal action, the DMCA is supposed to provide equal protection but the more lawyer you have the more 'equal' you are. So does anyone have any suggestions for how I should proceed here?"
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Submission + - imeem ('youtube for mp3s') Goes Legit (

illectro writes: " has signed a deal with Universal music making it's 'youtube for mp3s' site completely street legal. This caps off an eventful year for the social site which has seen it sued by Warner Music before signing a deal with them, later followed by deals with Sony/BMG and EMI music and now Universal. This gives them legal access to all major label music and allows users of the site to freely upload and share music, with a cut of the advertising revenue going to the copyright holders."

Submission + - To use Orkut or not to use Orkut... (

An anonymous reader writes: With all of the different web sites supporting blogging, social networking, and the like; which one seems to be taking the leadership spot? I am interested in establishing an online community and am thinking of using Orkut. My reasoning behind this decision is based on the fact that Google controls it and I hope, one day, Orkut will be seamlessly integrated into the Google collective.

Right now, Google seems to be offering parallel services amongst Google Groups, Blogger, Orkut, gmail, gtalk, Page Creator, and Local Business Center. I understand some of these services were not "Invented" at Google, so there will be some redundancy; but I hope this is just a temporary inconvenience.

It would be very cool if Google could get all of these services integrated, along with Google Earth/Map, and have a dashboard (iGoogle?) providing a one-stop site to do all of my blogging/networking/searching/time wasting.

What does the /. Community think of Orkut and the idea of having Google integrate all of these services and eliminate some of the redundant functionality?

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