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Halo 3 Details Begin to Emerge 70

Eurogamer has a short rundown on some Halo 3 details which have emerged from the Swedish games mag LEVEL. There are a few details on weapons, levels, combat mechanics, and a super-special helmet edition for the game. From the article: "Finally, there's news on the contents of the Halo 3 'Legendary Edition', which will consist of four DVDs' worth of content and, amusingly, a replica Spartan helmet. So what's on those four discs? Well, the game, obviously, and then documentaries and developer commentaries, bonus material like Red vs. Blue episodes, and cut-scenes from Halo 1 to 3 in high-definition. There will also be some sort of Halo film trailer located in the package." 1up has announced they're going to have a bevy of features on the game tying in to the new issue of EGM, so more details should be available online soon.

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