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Feed Engadget: Apple runs down iPhone battery basics (

Filed under: Cellphones

Unhappy with your iPhone's battery life? Want to make sure you don't have to send it in for the dreaded $80 replacement surgery? Fear not, Apple's posted a completely obvious guide to getting the most out of your mobile. You know, amazing little tricks you never thought of, like putting it to sleep with the sleep / wake button when you're not using it. Don't worry, Apple says, "You will still be able to receive calls and text messages while it is locked, but nothing happens if you touch the screen." Sweet.

[Via Ars Technica]

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Feed Techdirt: Sony CEO Accuses Steve Jobs Of Being Greedy (

Speaking on a recent panel, Sony CEO Howard Stringer lashed out at Steve Jobs, calling him greedy and accusing him of wanting a world where only he gets to make money. Considering the relative performance of Sony and Apple of late, Stringer's frustration is understandable, though his specific charges are pretty rich. Sony, of course, is legendary in its insistence on using closed, proprietary technologies, whose only purpose is to keep customers locked in. Talk about wanting to be the only company making money. Of course, this strategy has badly backfired, as it usually just keeps customers away. Ultimately, every company wants to make as much money as it can, something that Apple's been quite good at. But Stringer's comments suggest he feels entitled to some cut of the action, even if Sony hasn't done anything to deserve it. Thinking you deserve something for doing nothing -- now that's what's really greedy.

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