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Journal Journal: woot pt 2

Now apparently I have a "Foe." I also think that either he or someone else is now looking at my posts to mod them down intentionally. What's the point of having a "Foe?" Why would I want to say specifically that I don't like someone? Why would someone add me as a "foe" for a comment that, at the absolute worst and barring any common sense, could only be taken as a lack of research or miswording? It wasn't inflammatory, it wasn't reactionary, and if this pathetic excuse for a comment/forum system had an edit button, it wouldn't even be wrong (I'd keep the same idea but change what I said to reflect my closer inspection of the article).

Against all odds my default -1 comments are being modded up because they're constructive, then back down because some loser can't find anything else to do other than mod my posts down. What a terrific community.

Journal Journal: woot

I posted a single comment that, while not exactly accurate, was taken above and beyond out of context by a bunch of anti-Apple zealots.

(It turns out the problem was I didn't read TFA closely enough, NOT that I don't understand Apple's GCD. Ironic since in my comment I was pointing out something everyone else missed from the article - something for which I received several positive mod points before being drown by RMS's clerics of goon justice.)

Now all my new comments start with a score of -1 despite an admittedly short but solid history of decent posting. Great moderation system Slashdot. Pointless. I can make a thousand new accounts and post whatever I want - why should I be penalized so harshly for a single post? I can even post anonymously and still have a 0 instead of -1. Absolutely senseless.

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