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Submission + - Can we please rethink the mod lables? 2

symes writes: Of the "Normal, Offtopic, Flamebait, Troll, Redundant, Insightful, Interesting, Informative, Funny, Overrated, Underrated" options available, I can honestly say I have never used Reduntant, Overrated and Underrated. I will usually lump Interesting, Insightful and Informative together, but tend to default to Interesting. Same with Troll and Flamebait — these just force dross below the hiden threshold so serve the same purpose. I would like to use Banal or even Vapid, but nothing seems to come close.

Submission + - How to avoid javacertified.com extortion ?

An anonymous reader writes: I am developing and selling a Java ME Go Game application for mobile phones and I run into something that I can't qualify otherwise than an extortion scheme.

Basically they lock out developers from API features or make them barely possible to use for almost every single mobile phone on the planet if you don't pay a premium to their "initiative" where LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson are participating. It looks like there is no technical way around it. It is (or will be) the only one certificate accepted by those phones.

You need to pay around 200-250 euros per device, per version to get certified where a monkey checks if you have an exit button on your application and an help screen.

Imagine you want to make your product compatible for every device and release 5 minor versions per year, it amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros per year !

Is anybody escaped this racket ? If yes how ?
Is it even remotely legal ?

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