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Submission + - ITC judge calls for US XBox ban in Motorola patent battle (arstechnica.com)

symbolset writes: In the long running complaint between Motorola and Microsoft, Judge David Shaw of the ITC recommended Monday a ban on XBox consoles, as they are found to infringe Motorola's patents. The judge also ordered Microsoft post a bond of 7 percent of the retail price of all unsold US XBox inventory. The decision will go to the ITC’s board of commissioners who will either uphold the recommendation or overturn it.

Submission + - HP struggles with the dynamic changes in tech (bloomberg.com)

symbolset writes: In what some may see at the failure of a massive tech giant to turn fast enough with the market, Bloomberg is reporting that HP reported a 44 percent drop in holiday quarter profits today against the year-ago quarter. Sales of home computers fell 25 percent. Servers, storage and networking fell 10 percent. New CEO Meg Whitman forecast "a multi-year turnaround." HP struggled to find direction under short-term CEO Leo Apothaker, and hasn't really been on firm footing since the scandal-ridden board ouster of Mark Hurd — who had turned the company around from a previous decline.

Submission + - SOPA/PIPA: Route around it (technorati.com) 1

symbolset writes: The John Gilmore quote from his interview in Life magazine in 1993 has never been more appropriate: "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

Here's an article about how to personally route around these attempts to block a free and open Internet by using a VPN tunnel to connect to the Internet from a free country.

Sooner or later US monied interests will compromise our free speech on the Internet. They haven't given up, and in his state of the union address even the president supported censoring the Internet. But the Internet was designed to route around this damage, and here's how.


Submission + - Tivo gets $215 million patent settlement from AT&a (slashgear.com)

symbolset writes: Slashgear is reporting that Tivo has achieved a settlement in their patent lawsuit with AT&T. Tivo will receive the minimum sum of $215 million over six years — more if AT&T DVR subscribers go above a certain level. This settles a patent dispute going back to 2009 and has been covered here with some side issues. Confirmed by Tivo press release.

Submission + - Renton, WA, US police channel Streisand (kirotv.com) 4

symbolset writes: KIRO TV is reporting that a judge has stayed his own warrant to compel Google to surrender the identity of a web video cartoonist. The cartoonist, known only as Mister Fiddlesticks was accused in the complaint of cyberstalking. A Seattle first amendment attorney filed to quash the warrant on first amendment grounds.

The web comic videos have to do with embarrassing internal investigations going on at Renton Police Department that would not have been as widely known except for the attempt to stifle the comic.

Some of the cartoons are not safe for work.

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