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Submission + - Microsoft to abandon Windows Phone? (wmpoweruser.com)

symbolset writes: Microsoft has had some trouble as of late getting adoption of their mobile products. Even Bill Gates has said it was inadequate. Despite rave reviews of Windows Phone in the press it has failed to get double digit share of the smartphone market. Now comes reports from WMPoweruser that WP8 will lose mainstream support in July 2014, before even Windows Phone 7.8.

Is this evidence that Microsoft will give up their quest for mobile relevance?


Submission + - Some Hotmail.com, Outlook.com down going on 8 hours (live.com)

symbolset writes: According to Microsoft there have been service distruptions in their online mail services Outlook.com and Hotmail.com for the past eight hours. Techcrunch reports that Skydrive online storage service was also impacted for a time, and suggests this might relate to some part of the migration of Hotmail users to Outlook.com.

Some users report "no issue" so it is likely not all users of these services are affected.

This follows only two weeks after a prolonged global outage of Microsoft's Azure Cloud service previously here reported.


Submission + - ITC judge calls for US XBox ban in Motorola patent battle (arstechnica.com)

symbolset writes: In the long running complaint between Motorola and Microsoft, Judge David Shaw of the ITC recommended Monday a ban on XBox consoles, as they are found to infringe Motorola's patents. The judge also ordered Microsoft post a bond of 7 percent of the retail price of all unsold US XBox inventory. The decision will go to the ITC’s board of commissioners who will either uphold the recommendation or overturn it.

Submission + - Microsoft readies Marketing reorganization (sfgate.com)

symbolset writes: Various sources are reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer 'doesn't think the company is getting enough return on the billions it spends annually on marketing.'

Chris Capossela, who took over as the company's chief marketing officer last year is said to lead the review of operations, and the first cuts could come within 30 days.


Submission + - Windows Phone homebrew hits a snag (theverge.com)

symbolset writes: TheVerge is reporting that he first official jailbreak for Windows Phone 7, ChevronWP7, has "sold out" of tokens to enable homebrew application support.

Only 10,000 tokens to jailbreak Windows Phones were ever granted. With Lumia falling flat in Europe Microsoft needs all the enthusiastic modding fans they can get.


Submission + - The return of the Microsoft Kin (engadget.com)

symbolset writes: In a surprising turn of events Engadget is reporting that the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two will have an encore in the market. Some years ago Microsoft purchased Danger, Inc, services provider for the legendary Sidekick line of phones and set upon refreshing them for a new generation in "Project Pink". Several project restarts and one data loss incident later the project had lost favor internally and relations with the launch carrier Verizon had gone sour. The product was launched anyway to dismal sales and yanked from the market in under two months.

According to the article the costly data plan was thought to be to blame for the poor sales, so cellular data services and features that require them have been removed.


Submission + - Linux antivirus: what happened? (microsoft.com) 3

symbolset writes: Seven years ago Microsoft announced their acquisition of RAV antivirus from GeCAD softaware of Romania. RAV Antivirus was one of the few antivirus products that provided cross-platform email virus scanning and spam filtering, integrating with sendmail and postfix on Linux at that time. What happened to it? Do you know?

Submission + - The return of grid computing (theregister.co.uk)

symbolset writes: The Register is reporting that Microsoft's HPC Server 2008 R2 has gone Beta. In addition to providing compute cluster assist for Microsoft Excel, it's mentioned in the report that it supports tapping the unused compute power of Windows 7 desktop workstations. This concept — Grid computing — has been tried several times before and reported here on slashdot several times over the years.

Submission + - Help wanted: OSS competition boss (

symbolset writes: Microsoft has an opening for a "Linux and Open Office Compete Lead." If you can manage 13 member v-team and handle a project that's "top of mind for KT and SteveB" this may be the job for you! You'll need to engage with OSS communities and drive internal readiness to compete with them. Core objectives include "be a perception change agent" and "drive compete strategy." Please note that unwavering optimism is essential.

In related news, Microsoft's HR department may also have an opening in job ad writing and placement.

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