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Submission + - Gates returns to Windows 7 after being unable to install the Windows 8.1 upgrade 3

Artem Tashkinov writes: According to rumors Bill Gate's first day at his office in Redmond turned out to be a complete disaster mixed with ostensibly curse words no one had expected from him. He tried to install the Windows 8.1 upgrade but the updater failed continuously asking to reboot the PC. Microsoft's new C.E.O. Satya Nadella who came to help resolve the situation couldn't sort it out. In the end Gates said he would be returning to Windows 7 for the foreseeable future.

Submission + - Behold: Cable companies release the worst anti-cord cutting campaign of all time (

zacharye writes: Are you a cable TV subscriber who might be considering cutting the cord? Did you already take the leap and dump your TV service? Cable TV doesn’t want to see you go, and it wants you back if you’ve already left. And what better way to convey that message than with a nice little campaign put together by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, the main trade association for cable operators in the U.S. Behold: The Hole Saga...

Submission + - SCO v. IBM Is Officially Reopened (

stoilis writes: Groklaw reports that the SCO vs IBM case is officially reopenened: "The thing that makes predictions a bit murky is that there are some other motions, aside from the summary judgment motions, that were also not officially decided before SCO filed for bankruptcy that could, in SCO's perfect world, reopen certain matters. I believe they would have been denied, if the prior judge had had time to rule on them. Now? I don't know.".

Submission + - Bill Gates: iPad users are frustrated they can't type or create documents ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: While Apple views the tablet and PC markets as two separate entities, Microsoft takes the opposing view.

During a CNBC interview this morning, Gates continued to toe the party line insofar as he praised the benefits of Microsoft's tablets and Windows 8 while explaining that iPad users are frustrated because they have trouble typing and creating documents.

"With Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to gain share in what has been dominated by the iPad-type device. But a lot of those users are frustrated, they can't type, they can't create documents. They don't have Office there. So we're providing them something with the benefits they've seen that have made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC."


Submission + - Surface sales 'modest' so far said Ballmer (

hcs_$reboot writes: Sales of Microsoft’s Windows RT-based Surface tablet are off to a “modest” start according to chief executive Steve Ballmer. Given the general dropping sales in the PC business coupled with Microsoft’s relatively small inventory of Surface machines, it’ll be interesting to see how soon Surface can hit Microsoft’s million milestone.
(Update originally from French Le Parisien)


Submission + - Steve Balmer Microsoft talks about Nokia Lumia 900 (

technewszone writes: "While at CES 2012, Nokia Press Event, Steve Balmer from Microsoft, Joined Stephen Elop on stage and spoke about the Lumia 900 a new nice looking Windows Mobile Phone for AT&T. It is an impressive looking device. It was nice to see and hear Mr. Balmer, and see Nokia’s new smart phone.

Here is a video I shot of them speaking with reference to Nokia’s exciting new Lumia 900 AT&T smart Phone running windows mobile."


Submission + - Microsoft accuses Google of click fraud

doperative writes: I thought Google got a select number of employees to enter the search terms on their own computers, which later on turned up tops on Bing, as the Bing Toolbar was spying on the endusers. A better title would be that Microsoft makes spyware.

Submission + - Haynes Repair Manual for NCC-1701 Coming Soon

Freshly Exhumed writes: Anyone who has ever done DIY auto repair knows the value and quality of Haynes Manuals, giving comprehensive, detailed instructions based on complete teardowns of vehicles. Soon there will be one for Star Fleet's U.S.S. Enterprise (all versions), for every backyard Scotty to thankfully fix the one up on blocks in the back yard after all these years.

Comment Re:and why not ? (Score 1) 477

The russians are buying up "profitalbe" companies, which eventually will not be profitable if no one here is working and unemployment slips into the 15 % range. And will become a power house when debt collection comes.

I am reminded of an Emo Philips routine...

Japan: "We've come to get that trillion dollars we lent you back"

USA: "Well sorry, we don't have it"

Japan: "What did you do with it?"

USA: "We built thousands of nuclear warheads with it"

Japan: "oh, well we actually don't need that money right now. Very sorry for bothering you"

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