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Journal Journal: Bookmark Ideas

I had some ideas about how bookmarks should work in browsers. As I type this, they will become a permanent record in slashdot.

First, and this is starting to be done better, but not always fully, but browsers should use the favicon.ico next to the bookmark text.

But even better than that, would be if the browser took a self screen shot of the page when you bookmarked it, and then when you are browing through your bookmarks and put your mouse cursor over the bookmark, it displays the thumbnail sized screenshot of the web page.

Web browsers should keep track of which bookmarks you click on the most and display the top 5 or whatever in a "recent" or "most clicked" category in the bookmarks.

This next idea I think is being implimented. But you should have bookmark folders which in fact are an RSS (speed) feed, where all the links in the folder are actually items in the feed.

Another idea is to be able to bookmark a history. So when I go to a bookmark, I can also (optionally) get the back and forward history that I had when I bookmarked the page.

Data Storage

Journal Journal: University Account Quotas

So with Gmail offering 1GB storage, Yahoo: 100MB, and HoTMaiL offering 250MB, what kind of storage solutions do universities offer their students? Typical for BYU seems to be in the range of 100MB, but that isn't just for email, that is the quota for all computer storage.

Hard drives now cost less than 1 dollar a GB. Even considering that you want to have the drives RAIDed, offering more storage for students is still fairly inexpensive. Giving away 500 MB storage would cost less than $5 per student. This assumes that students would fill all 500 MB, which they wouldn't, so in actuality, it would cost much less.


Journal Journal: Overmoderation Solution

So recently I've started noticing that many of the slashdot stories have a large number of highly moderated comments. I wish I could change my browsing level to 6 ot 7 sometimes, so I only get the really good comments. I then started realizing that I was giving extra score points to a lot of things.

Then I found my solution to this. Even though there were some moderations that I liked, I decided to give even those negative extra score points. The trick is, things like "interesting" I give only -1 in my prefs while "offtopic" I give -4. Only a few things like posts from friends to I give positive extra score points.

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