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Comment Re:Neat that it's possible, but insignificant (Score 1) 181

either it is sent to a landfill to be used as cover

As less and less waste goes to landfill, there will be correspondingly less need for sources of 'cover'. This new process can provide an alternative use for all that sludge.

it goes through additional sterilization and is used as fertilizer on farms or is sold as fertilizer at retail.

Then in this sense the new process is neutral as regards the energy required to sterilise the sludge. If it's used as a fuel source, it doesn't need to be made sterile. Plus, many, many people have problems with the use of sewage sludge on their fruits and veggies. Besides the diseases, another problem is that sludge contains the byproducts of all the pharmaceuticals that get defecated or poured down the pipes. These drugs and their metabolites have unknown effects on the crops themselves. That problem goes away, as well.

Comment Re:As an an American... (Score 2) 418

yet all that meddling has led to a society where many black families are even worse off than if government had not first enabled and then "reformed" all that racism in the first place.

Blame the Nixon-era War on Drugs for the destruction of black family life. By incarcerating large swathes of young black men and forcing mothers to be sole income earners, black children grow up impoverished and lacking a paternal influence in their lives. They grow up to repeat the vicious cycle. No single thing has done more to erase decades of minorities' economic and social progress than the WoD. It's the new Jim Crow.

Comment Re:You don't necessarily own the products you purc (Score 2) 106

Hopefully these exemptions will open the door to further challenges in court. As more and more people see the ludicrous degree to which the deck is stacked against consumers and the general welfare, things will slowly change through legal precedents and changed laws. One of the effects of this presidential election is that a majority of people realise the emperor has no clothes -- the lies (i.e., the Washington Consensus signed onto by both political parties) they've had shoved down their throats for decades no longer taste so good and are being expurgated. Let's cross our fingers that the issue referenced in the story is one addressed by more citizen vigilance and knowledge.

Comment Re:So, let me get this straight... (Score 1) 161

One problem is that Rachel from Card Member Services and other such scams are often run from boiler-room operations in Caribbean countries with lax laws and governments without much incentive to co-operate with US authorities. A start in solving the problem would be to outlaw Caller ID spoofing unless you are a law enforcement officer, skip-tracer, private investigator, or other such legitimate party -- and the use of such even by these actors should be strictly defined in statutes. One such provision should be the requirement for these legitimate parties to provide the proper paperwork to prove their need to avail themselves of spoofing. As it stands now, anyone can spoof Caller ID with few to no repercussions. This could be enforced technically by sunsetting SS7 and universally adopting Diameter in its stead (as some mobile operators, but not yet landline telcos, are starting to do).

Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 338

they do not want the party high jacked by a disguised 3rd party candidate

All the more reason for structural reform or abolition of the Electoral College to give alternative parties an actual chance of winning an election. The two-party system is clearly a failure and mostly produces bland, lowest-common-denominator candidates. Until we have more choice, our elections will continue to be a choice between a douche and a turd.

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