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Comment if you've ever fixed one, you will understand (Score 1) 96

there are minimal fasteners because time is money. generally a couple folded-steel tabs in the front, not too deep because the wires and connections are not too long, and the two or so screws holding the control panel on seal the back. if the tub support is minimal, and it really gets banging on the sides, it could pop the front tabs.

really, the fix is to have put a cheap vibration sensor on the top or in the control panel, and if there is a whangin' bangin' good time happening inside, it slows or stops the motor. probably would have cost Samsung two bucks per washer including programming changes. so now they have to recall 5 years worth of production because somebody said no to the safety feature.

Comment civilization likes stability (Score 2) 258

and it's very likely the civilization, ocean traders, and ports just so happened to be important enough that that's where the few sea gauges that exist were put precisely there. saves money. allows for flood warnings for millions. why dump an expensive gauge where nobody is and nobody will be?

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