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Comment Re:Selling stolen stuff (Score 1) 72

Well of course it's felony, it always is when copyright infringement is criminal and not civil. But you're missing the most crucial part: they are NOT charging him with "copyright infringement" they're charging him with "secondary copyright infringement". Which is not a crime. It can be a civil issue, but there is no such thing as criminal secondary copyright infringement. And all the other charges hinge on that first charge.

Comment Re:Selling stolen stuff (Score 1) 72

He's not being charged with theft. He's being charged with "secondary copyright infringement" ... which isn't a crime in the US or in New Zealand. On top of that, because he is legally fighting his extradition, they are saying he's a fugitive and that they can seize all of his assets (so he will have no way to defend himself if he does get extradited).

Comment Re:Why is teen pregnancy bad exactly? (Score 1) 323

It doesn't. Who said it did? The question was why the social norm doesn't match nature. And my answer is because we've modified the "nature" of death, we need to modify the "nature" of birth so that we don't run into overpopulation issues. We're living longer and surviving things we wouldn't naturally survive. We probably shouldn't be procreating at the speed "nature intended" because we're not dying at the speed "nature intended." There's nothing moral about the issue at all. People need to stop having so many damn babies, in their teens or otherwise.

Comment Re:They misread Sony's comment (Score 1) 57

Actually they do still update the game, with new features and content even. They release a new update every month. It's funny because it used to be when new features where requested by players they would often give the excuse "PS2 limitations." One of those limitations was inventory space, which apparently the PS2 didn't have enough memory for more. Now they've added quite a bit more inventory space, which has been sorely needed. Also the last expansion (Seekers of Adoulin) was never released for PS2 because it couldn't handle it.

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