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Submission + - SPAM: Yo Sushi competition - win £50 voucher

susanhunter writes: I just entered a competiiton to win a £50 Gift Voucher for Yo! Sushi. All I had to do was send a pic of myself using the MyVoucherCodes iPhone app to Fingers crossed I win, i love Yo Sushi!
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Submission + - Best Harry Potter moments so far (

susanhunter writes: It'(TM)s the beginning of the end of a uniquely consistent franchise that has made household names of stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, plus kept a generation of veteran English thesps in gainful employment. All of the films have had moments to savour, but here’s our pick of the best scenes from the series so far.

Submission + - SPAM: Is Bingo for old folks only?

susanhunter writes: Bingo nights can be an alternative way to have fun... and not only for older people. Younger generations are willing to take part in the game purely because they do not have to leave their home. Once you’re on a website like Ladbrokes, equipped with a promotion code, there isn’t any telling how far you could go. Have luck!
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Submission + - Top 10 interactive museums (

susanhunter writes: From hands-on science experiments to living history, our top 10 interactive museums are places where you can really get stuck in. Learn how to navigate a plane, become a Victorian doctor or make your own pop record at museums where getting involved is all part of the fun.
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Submission + - Contents insurance is a must-have (

susanhunter writes: Survey reveals almost half of British young adults don't have contents insurance. Every young grown-ups should think about it to be clear about what sort of policy they need to be fully protected.

Submission + - Surviving midlife crisis (

susanhunter writes: Feeling anxious and washed-up before you've even hit 40, let alone 50? Then you'd better follow this 10-point guide to keeping sane.
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Submission + - Thrifty cities in Uk (

susanhunter writes: Survey reveals people from Bolton are the thriftiest with 59% admitting to saving throughout the year for Christmas, followed by Leeds and Glasgow

Submission + - Tony Curtis dies (

susanhunter writes: Tony Curtis, one of the last great stars of Hollywood's golden age, died yesterday aged 85. The death was confirmed by a representative of his actor daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, although further details have yet to emerge. Curtis's health had been failing for a number of years and he was admitted to hospital in July after suffering an asthma attack.

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