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Journal superyooser's Journal: Prodding the Linux-Egypt Guy about Israel 19

See here. I played the ignorant inquistor at first. Held the poker face. Now the cat's out of the bag. Yup, I'm a Bible-thumpin', flag-waving Zionist. :-p You guys can jump in if you want.

Helpful links: Jewish Virtual Library, Facts & Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Palestine Facts, Middle East Facts, IFCJ's Daily Alert, Israel Activism, Daniel Pipes, Victims of Arab Terror, subscribe to Israel National News' daily e-mail summaries

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Prodding the Linux-Egypt Guy about Israel

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  • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
    Not bad. Need work though. :)

    but the Egyptian delegation spurned the invitation to participate. Have any idea why?

    The word "spurned" is inherently derogatory, instead a neutral word should have been used. Further, your question on the end is too forceful, instead you should have fished. Perhaps, you could have said, "but the Egyptrian Delegation declined the invitation, and chose not to participate. I am puzzled as to why."

    But it looks like you had fun. Ultimately, the best way to play the game (if th

    • The ol' Rope and Dope.

      Although thats probably not a good term. In discussing something its far better to get the other person to state what their position is, and nail them on ambiguities. And that is just so you can understand them well enough to debate them.

      The only problem after that is make sure you two are using the same words for the same meanings. :)
      • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

        My latest thing is to keep my questions broad enough, to allow *how* the person answers be part of the answer itself.

        • I don't know. Morosoph I think is king of that technique, though he was a bit different. I wound up feeling like he was trying to bludgeon me to death with a puff of air the way he kept dancing around with questions. His difference though was that he would never really take a stand of his own and sluff off condescending judgements of my position as arguement.

          It was never, "thats wrong because of this fact" like you are so good at, it was "thats wrong because I think its mean".

          The Defence of marriage thing
          • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

            I wans't talking about that style though. I mean more that when eating dinner with a friend and he mentions something slightly, and you respond with a request for more information.

            "So, that vote on the school tax was interesting."
            "Oh? How so?"

            The second question makes the response a lot more informative than asking "So, why would anyone be against it?" or "How does the money help schools?". The question is so open ended, the answerer from choose the point the response starts from himself, thu
          • ... impervious [] ...
            You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means...

            Imperious [], perhaps?

            • Hey Morosoph is one of the best souls on this board. I'd call him nothing like imperious (though I'll note that word for future use).
              • 1. The way you used impervious in the original post is a malapropism: something is either impervious or it isn't. To say that something is 'a bit' impervious is rather like saying that someone is 'a bit' pregnant.

                2. Imperious is not necessarily a pejorative word.

                • 1) The problem with your application of malapropism to intone a contradiction is that it can only work on one autonoma at a time. However a post comprises multiple arguements with varying ties to each other deriving a point. Thus, with multple entities with differing levels of relation it is entirely appropriate to apply black and white criteria and come up with shades of grey.

                  Hence, somewhat impervious means you can penetrate to find the meaning in many aspects of a post. Even generate an overall point, y
    • I know, I know. I was too impatient. I already had to say "occupied Palestine" without quotes, and I couldn't stomach playing along anymore.

  • I wouldn't have let that AC get away with what he did. I always hate when people paint my assertiveness as overbearance, prejudice, etc... A cool statement of facts is usually good enough to quell that. If I have one weakness its lazyness, I usually say and defend on my own because I'm too lazy to work up a more collective work on the matter.

    On the other side, you've got aalesh on the run. I usually like to get them offbalance at this point by getting them to defend their position. For instance, why does h
  • by yuri benjamin ( 222127 ) <> on Sunday May 16, 2004 @08:39PM (#9169896) Journal
    Is your purpose to show how much better you are or to win someone over?
    I try to avoid arguments about religious issues (and the ownership of middle east real estate is a religious issue - IMHO God owns it) because:

    The person you are arguing with may suffer from spiritual blindness - no clever arguments can defeat that.

    When a believer who is supposed to be an ambassador for Yeshua tries to make someone look stupid with clever arguments, they end up turning people away from God. If you care about someone's eternal destiny, don't do this - it's worse than murder.

    Praying for someone and listening to their point of view gives you the opportunity to share yours in a way that they may eventually become more receptive to - especially if your love is genuine.

    When the time is right to argue (God's timing), He will give you the right words - and it won't be to make you look clever, but to glorify Him.

    • Thank you for the well-meaning advice, and thank you very much for reminding me to always be cognizant that I am an ambassador of Yeshua no matter to whom or what I'm writing about. I used to have a very Godly friend who would always call me "Minister [my name]." I really miss that. I miss his positive influence on me. Yuri, I will keep your words in mind. In fact, I'm going to print them out (I just did) and keep them near my monitor. Having said that, I think some of your criticism is a little misplaced i
      • By all means - point out truths that you are called to point out. I certainly don't mean to dissuade you from that. I like what you post - if you check your fans list you see how much I appreciate your contributions to /.
        After reading your response I admit my critism was misplaced.

        I wanted to present strong facts that would make him question his beliefs about Israel and be curious enough to investigate information from sources he's not used to consulting.

        A noble motive - and I do pray that God will open
      • by Anonymous Coward

        thank you very much for reminding me to always be cognizant that I am an ambassador of Yeshua

        Some ambassador there! Oh God, how many evils are justified in thy name!

        Jesus message, as far as I know it, is about love your enemy. You seem to really have a knack of alienating anyone from listening.

        You know what? People become anti-religion or atheists because they see nutcases like you, and they are completely turned off.

        I used to have a very Godly friend who would always call me Minister [my name].


  • You know, it's nutjobs like you that make me embarassed when I come out and support Israel, because I have to indirectly associate myself with your overt xenophobia and bigotry.

    Do the rest of us a favor and keep your juvenille rantings confined to your journal, away from Slashdot's frontpage (particularly when as -5 Offtopic as this...sheesh).

    Thanks for nothing!

    • Once again Cyrano graces us with the sum total of his wisdom and knowledge...

      "'s nutjobs like you that make me embarassed...with your overt xenophobia and bigotry."

      Remember kids, its not reason or rational but who can call the other person the worst names that gets the brass ring.

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