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Comment Re:Minimalism taken too far (Score 1) 343

First the status bar. Now the location bar!!

If Google made cars...

  • Combine all dashboard widgets (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, etc.) into one toolbar, which doesn't fully show anything, to maximize windshield real estate.
  • Hide the steering wheel to free up yet more precious window pixels currently being blocked by its top arc.
  • Eliminate sun visors since some users use them to block part of the windshield.

Comment Re:And the winner is... (Score 1) 349

Ha'aretz is solidly in Left field and is outright anti-religious.

You first said that the JPost was "far, far right." I consider Avigdor Lieberman to be moderately right. His party is almost as compromising as Shas. Try Ya'akov Katz (Ketzaleh) for "far" (i.e. true) right. Baruch Marzel for "far, far" right. Not that there's anything wrong with being right...

Comment Re:And the winner is... (Score 1) 349

The Jerusalem Post hosts a range of views, but overall, it is a secular, center-left mainstream media organization, complete with a Zodiac/astrology page. Israel's "far right" never reads JPost, except with dreading curiosity.

As for "Greater Israel," I did manage to find a JPost column from April entitled Keep Dreaming: The case for a greater Israel. Maybe this is what you're thinking of. But did you read the column? About midway, it reads, "The greater Israel [19th century Zionist visionary Theodor] Herzl envisioned had nothing to do with borders; it had everything to do with morals, ideals and behavior." Moreover, the bottom of the column notes that it was written by a representative of Conservative Judaism, which is a branch of Judaism that tends to be politically center-left. (The word "Conservative" here has nothing to do with politics.)

In their view, should Stuxnet not be handily around to embellish on, they would have to fall back on to their old standby canard of "God's finger" slowing the Iranian centrifuges directly to protect his Jewish children

Trusting in God's protection, in fact, has been a sturdy standby for the State of Israel. One could begin a study of this topic with Israel's victory in the 1967 Six Day War, a modern miracle by all accounts.

Nitpick: The phrase "finger of God" usually has to with one of the following subjects: astronomy (Hubble telescope picture), God's creation of the universe, or God's etching of the Ten Commandments. I'm pretty sure it's not a common phrase in JPost articles.


US Marshals Saved 35,000 Full Body Scans 712

PatPending writes "A Gizmodo investigation has revealed 100 of the photographs saved by the Gen 2 millimeter-wave scanner from Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., obtained by a FOIA request after it was recently revealed that US Marshals operating the machine in the Orlando, Florida courthouse had improperly — perhaps illegally — saved [35,000] images [low resolution] of the scans of public servants and private citizens."

Comment Re:Ground Zero Mosque has a BASKETBALL COURT (Score 1) 17

Very clever! A basketball court is a great idea to lure blacks into the "cultural center" to convert them to Islam.

And the board of directors for this cultural center also includes a number of Christians!

So what? Saddam Hussein's Deputy Prime Minister was a "Christian." There are countless examples of nominal adherents (often leaders) exploiting their religious affiliation (whether by pedigree or congregational membership) to battle the interests, doctrines, and followers of their supposed faith.

Comment RTL Issues (Score 1) 5

I've had that problem in Word but not in Excel. I just keep tinkering with it, achieving limited success. I get to the point where I don't care anymore whether Word "understands" that the text is supposed to be going RTL. Sometimes I cheat and use a tool to reverse the letters. (However, of course, this is a terrible solution if it's a document that's going to be edited with any frequency.) From what I understand, there is an invisible character that denotes when Word should begin to read text as RTL. Maybe there is a Word plugin to make this character appear.

What do they do in Israel??

For Hebrew word processing, one could try DavkaWriter or Dagesh Pro. I'm not aware of a Hebrew-centric spreadsheet program.

I might suggest trying a Hebrew version of Excel, but I can't say from experience (I haven't tried it) that it actually handles bi-directional-text documents better. I don't know if anything under the hood is really different or if it's just textual localization in the chrome and different default settings. Seeing as Microsoft has a large corporate presence in Israel, you'd think they would get RTL and BiDi issues smoothed out very well in their flagship products.

Another thought just hit me: I wonder if using a Hebrew version/language-pack of the Windows OS would make it work better. This close-reopen issue reminds me of a problem I had with either WordPress or Joomla -- I can't remember which. When you saved a document, it would attempt to "clean up" the markup, which ruined my work the first I encountered this default behavior. I wonder if Word is trying to "clean up" the document (i.e. reverse the text direction) based on the OS's LTR/Anglo-centric settings. In a similar vein, the person you're helping could try setting Word's spell-check feature to use Hebrew. Then, maybe it wouldn't "clean up" as for an Anglo user, if that is indeed the nature of the problem. You wouldn't think that such a setting would be a factor, but we are talking about usability bugs here. And Microsoft.

Comment Re:"The Earth is 4.7 billion years old" (Score 1) 475

I decided not to give a hyper-literalistic reading to the text of the above post. Let's try a word.

"Christian" - In this context, it doesn't make sense that the normal definition of "Christian" could apply. What the author really means to tell us that he is a theist who may evolve into a Christian in ~4.5 billion years.

Comment Re: Peace Activists == Warmongers (Score 1) 10

What else should happen when you are descended upon while in international waters?

Dialogue? Non-violent resistance? These are peace activists, after all. A Nobel peace laureate was on board one of the ships (as well as a Hamas leader.. ha ha). They don't believe in violence, right? But it's now known that they had guns on board, which they used against the lightly-armed Israeli commandos. Other items on board: bulletproof vests, military-grade night vision equipment, a rifle scope, an assortment of knives, electric saws, metal rods and clubs.

Under the Oslo Accords and agreements with the Palestinian Authority, Israel maintains sovereignty over the international waters off the Gaza coast.

"Direct (aid) delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible under the circumstances," said U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the U.N. Alejandro Wolff. While European and Arab countries castigated Israel for the killing of nine Muslim extremists who attacked Navy commandos, Wolff stated, "We are working to ascertain the facts [and] we expect a credible and transparent investigation."

Hamas has smuggled hundreds of tons of explosives, arms and ammunition, as well as terrorists, by land and sea, and Israel is determined to prevent further smuggling actions. Allowing boats to reach Gaza without inspection would give Hamas free passage to bring in advanced weapons, including long-range missiles.

I hate dirty stinky hippies as much as the next guy

I don't know if I'd categorize them as hippies. At least not in the classic sense. Neo-hippies? These were terror activists. The mission was funded and supported by Islamist terrorist organizations and terror-supporting governments.

but I don't think Israel should be dressed in white either.

As to this incident, I think Israel should be dressed in white, because there is no blood stain of murder on their hands. They did not use any weapon until they had incurred casualties from the "peace activists." Furthermore, I think the IDF soldiers of this mission should be awarded honorary medals of freedom! Their actions were heroic, responsible, and ethical. They complied with all laws, domestic and international, as well as IDF guidelines, which are the strictest and most restrained of any military in the world. It seems that even most left-wing, pacifist Israeli politicians see nothing wrong with what Israel did here. The united response of support across the Israeli political spectrum has been a remarkable phenomenon.

I mean... God forbid if Gaza has some concrete.

Foreign Ministry Legal Expert Explains Gaza Blockade:

Interviewer: "So how do we make sure that our actions [i.e., the blockade] are against the [Hamas] regime, but not against the citizens?"

[Sarah Weiss Maudi, the Foreign Ministry's expert on maritime and humanitarian law]: "Well, Israel has a humanitarian obligation to make sure that certain vital humanitarian interests are met and that supplies go in. But I want to emphasize that Israel is under no obligation to supply non-vital goods or goods that could give Hamas a military or economic advantage. That is why Israel limits, for example, the supply of concrete into the Gaza Strip. Concrete could be used to mold rockets. It could be used to build reinforced bunkers which are clearly for military purposes against Israel."

She emphasizes that Israel supplies Gaza with large quantities of humanitarian supplies, including baby formula, meat, dairy products, and more. "And in the last year and a half it has supplied Gaza with over a million tons of goods. The Israel Supreme Court constantly reviews these supplies to make sure that Israel is in line with its requirements under both Israeli domestic law and international law to supply vital civilian goods that are needed. And indeed, it has confirmed that Israel has been meeting its obligations under international and domestic law."

Comment Re: Peace Activists == Warmongers (Score 1) 10

The activists wanted to create an incident. Their mission was not humanitarian; it was propaganda. They created a spectacle for the media to film, and cry, "A flotilla of six ships! See what extreme measures these humanitarians have to do to circumvent the evil Israeli blockade and get aid to the poor Gaza Arabs!!"

There would be no blockade in the first place if Hamastan (occupied Gaza) would stop attacking Israel.

Comment Peace Activists == Warmongers (Score 1) 10

The Israelis descended on the boat empty-handed with paintball guns on their backs. The "peace activists" acted like a pack of murderous savages, attacking the men with long knives and iron bars before their feet touched the deck. A DISPROPORTIONATE RESPONSE, I would say.

Whose fault were the deaths of nine activists?

  • Israel offered to transport the aid that was on board to Gaza Arabs by land, which is the normal means. (The "blockade" allows a nearly constant stream of trucks loaded with tons of humanitarian aid and supplies to Gaza. The blockade's purpose is mainly to restrict materials used for building weapons.) The activists refused.
  • Israel warned them by radio and told them to turn around. The activists refused.
  • Israel sent commandos to peacefully thwart the ship's course. Their only lethal weaponry were pistols intended only for emergency use. The activists refused an opportunity for civil discourse and brutally assaulted the Israelis as soon as possible. This caused the Israelis to feel that their lives were in imminent danger (five IDF soldiers are still hospitalized), and thus were forced to defend themselves with their emergency pistols.

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