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Comment Re:Clickbait Science (Score 2) 230

I use a light box in the morning under orders from a sleep specialist and I have a long history of major depression. One of the warnings on SAD lamps has *always* been that they may activate mania in people who are susceptible to it. That's not new and it's most definitely not contradictory. When it comes to using lamps for treating sleeping disorders, you've always had to get the timing just right or you throw your whole clock off. Again, not new, not contradictory of any prior findings.

Comment Re:And where is Snowden hanging out these days? (Score 5, Insightful) 177

I'm willing to permit Snowden a little self-preservation on this one. It's not as though he's going around *defending* Putin. Nor does he have any information about Putin that no one else is privy to.

Snowden did a great service and continues to be of service. Let's at least grant him the privilege of a place to live.

Comment Re:What about supremacy (Score 1) 151

Yes. See, excerpted below.

The U.S. Constitution provides that federal laws are the "supreme law of the land." In the context of aviation, the doctrine of field preemption—that state action is preempted because Congress intended to occupy the entire regulatory field—has been held by many courts to generally prohibit state regulation of aircraft safety and operations. Underlying this position is that the U.S. government by statute "has exclusive sovereignty of airspace of the United States." As the Supreme Court explained more than 40 years ago in an opinion invalidating a locally imposed curfew on aircraft noise, "a uniform and exclusive system of federal regulation" is required "if the congressional objectives underlying the Federal Aviation Act are to be fulfilled." Thus, in the context of aviation, federal preemption long has been understood to sweep with a wide broom.

Comment Re:Moving to Marshall, Arkansas? (Score 2) 276

So you're saying God is destroying island nations, threatening food, water, and energy supplies, and potentially causing the extinction of huge numbers of species so your parents can be comfortable? I have a robust spirituality so I'm not about to challenge a belief in God, but that is bananas.

Comment Window seats first surprisingly not optimal (Score 1) 394

Whatever downsides it has, if such a design is adopted, I hope it leads to a stronger adoption of a convention that those with window seats board first.

Someone did studies on this and found that window seats first isn't significantly better than the current system. The most efficient method they found was to board odd rows first, then evens (or vice versa), the theory being that it gave people enough elbow room to get their luggage into the overheads without interfering with each other.

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