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The Internet

Submission + - Senators call for universal internet filtering (

Anonymous Coward writes: "US senators today made a bipartisan call for the universal implementation of filtering and monitoring technologies on the Internet in order to protect children at the end of a Senate hearing for which civil liberties groups were not invited. Senators call for universal Internet filtering Senators call for universal Internet filtering"

Submission + - Yahoo building open source Map/Reduce and GFS (

owenomalley writes: "Yahoo is developing Hadoop, which is an open source implementation of key pieces of Google's infrastructure (namely, Map/Reduce and GFS). Hadoop's framework allows you to write applications that reliably process very large datasets (100's of terabytes) efficiently on large (1000+) clusters of computers. Without a framework like Hadoop, writing applications on large clusters requires a lot of duplicated effort as each application deals with distribution, reliability, and reporting. Hadoop handles those parts for you and just requires you to write your application logic.

Hadoop is managed under Apache."


Submission + - HAL, open source? (

An anonymous reader writes: I was going through a list of NASA's open source licensed software and stumbled a project called Livingstone2. From their site: "Livingstone2 is a reusable artificial intelligence (AI) software system designed to assist spacecraft, life support systems, chemical plants or other complex systems in operating robustly with minimal human supervision, even in the face of hardware failures or unexpected events." They even have a SDK and a real-time interface to it.

Submission + - Singapore cracks down on Anime, RIAA style (

Otaku writes: The Straits Times reports that The Anti-Video Piracy Association of Singapore (AVPAS), the equivalent for RIAA in anime representing giant distributor Odex (owning 90% of rights in anime titles), is serving out hundreds of legal letters to individual downloaders of anime and fansubs in Singapore without advance warning. The largest local forum HardWareZone reports that users who received the letter are ordered to pay out-of-court settlements for around US$2500, and come mostly from a single ISP that is linked to the government.

Odex has been said to be facing financing difficulties due to its inferior product quality (notably, Engrish) sold on market that is said to be worse than what fans download. The action angers several hardcare fans who call for boycott of Odex, and worry about the future of the anime scene in Singapore.


Submission + - BBC iPlayer Letter Writing Campaign (

AlexanderHanff writes: "Today I launched a Public Letter Writing Campaign in response to the BBC's decision to limit their new "On Demand" service called iPlayer to Microsoft Windows. Many will think why is this an issue? Well the BBC is funded by a compulsory TV License Fee payable by all British people who own a television. By excluding everyone who does not use Window XP SP2, they have exculded hundreds of thousands of British TV License holders, the same segment of the public provide revenues of 10s of millions (GBP) each year to the BBC through their TV License Fees. The BBC have a public mandate to provide services which give "Value to licence fee payers as individuals, Value to society as a whole through its contribution to the BBC's Public Purposes and Value for money and cost", they have failed in all 3 of these mandates with the iPlayer service. The aim of the campaign is to send more than 10 000 letters to 4 different public bodies to match an official petition which is rapidly approaching 10 000 signatures."
The Media

Submission + - MS strikes GPLv3 from Linspire deal

rs232 writes: ""Microsoft says software that's licensed under GPLv3 isn't covered by the patent protection deal it recently signed with desktop Linux distributor Linspire" .jhtml?articleID=201001836

Did the original patent deal with Linspire explicidly mention GPLv3 and if not can they retrospectivly rewrite the terms of the license. If so what good is it? 0614085735536"

Submission + - Italy forbids RIAA scare tactics (

eiapoce writes: In Italy it is forbidden for anybody to monitor internet trafic. This is stated in a recent article by the national press agency ANSA that I gladly translate for the slashdot readers: ews/2007-07-18_11897954.html

ROMA, 18 LUG — An italian court "ruled illegal for anyone to monitor network trafic". This is as declared by the innovation responsible of the green party, Mr. Cortiana. As announced by the green leader the Giudges approved the points forwarded from the Privacy Authority in the case of Peppermint against Telecom. This is a important ruling, sais Cortiana, because it sets a important principle: On the internet it is a (exclusive) duty of law forces and judges to investigate and enforce the law.


The case Peppermin Jam Records VS Telecom originated when the Swiss firm Peppermint used scare tactics like those employed by the RIAA sending 3636 notification letters to Italian Users sharing licensed music on P2P network. Those letters were containing a invitation to deposit a sum of money or face a trial. Telecom initially opposed but was forced to deliver the names on spite of a european directive. Now the Giudges overturned this previous ruling.

On this page -peppermint-vietati-i-monitoraggi-in-rete.html

Cortiana also criticises the private firm: "Internet is not a 'nobody's land' where there are no rules and you can apply do-it-yourself laws, also on the internet real world citizenship rights apply" and continues as "business models should adapt and cosider that network sharing is a collective cognitive process"


Submission + - Lawsuit wants full control of Facebook

ScaredOfTheMan writes: "The lawsuit, filed by brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra, accuses Zuckerberg, Facebook's 23-year-old C.E.O, of stealing the source code, design, and business plan for Facebook in 2003 when he briefly worked in the Harvard dorms as a programmer for their own fledgling social-networking site, now known as ConnectU. The plaintiffs have demanded that Facebook be shut down and that full control of the site — and its profits — be turned over to them." I just wonder why they waited so long to sue? If he really stole their idea in 2003, why wait 4 years?
User Journal

Journal Journal: a new GNU kernel

Like many GNU/Linux users, I value my freedom. That's why it is important than GNU/Linux users only use GPL v3 licensed code to prevent companies from denying us our fundamental rights. Unfortunately, Linux Torvadles does not believe in this fundamental right. He has refusedt o relicense the Linux kernel with the GPL v3. Our only recourse is to create a new GPL v3 licensed kernel.

United States

Submission + - A gift from Gandhi (

An anonymous reader writes: Disgruntled temporary workers deluge US Citizen and Immigration Service(USCIS) office flowers!. Deeply saddened by the recent "bait-and-switch" tactics by USCIS, hundred of temporary workers came up with a novel and peaceful idea to protest. Sent hundreds of bouquets of purple roses, pink lilies and yellow daisies to Emilio Gonzalez, the director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. They called this "Gnadhigiri", in reference to the peaceful methods of protests employed by Mahatma Gandhi against British rule.

Submission + - Data on Americans mined for terror risk (

jihadist writes: "Records about identity thefts, real estate transactions, motor vehicle accidents and complaints about Internet drug companies are being searched for common threads to aid law enforcement officials, the Justice Department said in a report to Congress on the agency's data-mining practices. _pe/fbi_data_mining"

Submission + - Music Protection Racket in Australia ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The "Phonographic Performance Company of Australia" (PPCA) has just won the right to start charging all venues playing music $1.05 per person — based on the capacity of the venue, not the attendance. Dance party's will be charged $3.07 per person. This represents an increase of over 1000% in both cases. Full story at,,22053835 -16947,00.html.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - New FICO Rules May Affect Millions (

crazychane writes: "About 60 million consumers are authorized users on someone else's credit card. But, that's all about to change...In September, the FICO credit-scoring system is set to undergo a major overhaul. Fair Isaac Corp., the Minneapolis company that creates the formula used to calculate the score, is downplaying the change, saying it won't have much of an effect."

Submission + - Pirate Bay faces block over child porn

mernil writes: The Local reports: "File sharing site The Pirate Bay could be shut down, after Swedish police alleged that it is possible to access child pornography via the site. The Pirate Bay denies the charge, while the Pirate Party described the police's strategy as "a scandalous abuse of power". "After complaints from the public we have been able to establish that there is child pornography on Pirate Bay," wrote the head of the National Criminal Investigation Department's IT crimes unit Stefan Kronkvist in a statement.

Submission + - Number of U.S. Commuters Riding Solo Rises ( 1

Ant writes: "CBS News report global warming may be the nation's latest roadside attraction, but the American obsession with the carbon-spewing automobile still seems to be charging full speed ahead. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of workers in the United States (U.S.) — more than 102 million people — drive alone to and from work, up from 1990, according to recently released U.S. Census data, based on surveys conducted in 2005. This happened despite the fact that retail gasoline prices rose by 60 cents per gallon in that same 15-year period, controlling for inflation. The news comes amid growing hype about going green, in an age when climate change has become as common a conversation topic as its quotidian counterpart, the weather. It could indicate that when it comes to transit, Americans talk the talk, but — put simply — aren't walking... Seen on Shacknews."

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