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Submission + - SPAM: Songbeat Free Music Search

sepastian writes: The Songbeat Group just released the next version of their popular Songbeatplayer, a one-stop solution for free music. The player can be downloaded free of charge, streaming music is always free. After downloading 25 songs, unlimited downloads can be unlocked buying a registration key. Besides searching, streaming, and downloading music, Songbeatplayer has support for listening to and recording radiostations such as, automatic ID3 tagging, a discovery mode providing information about artists, concerts, where to buy tickets and much more. The current version supports Windows XP/Vista, versions for Mac and even the iPhone are scheduled for early 2009.
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Submission + - Free Password Safe (FPS) (

SF:catcalls writes: FPS has reached over one hundred downloads over the past month here at Source Forge. We, the creators of FPS, are delighted to see such promising results from listing FPS as a project. The download rates can only get better with each minor or major update - and there WILL be updates for FPS. Currently APO Networks are working on Audit software for XP / Vista and FPS has taken a back shelf ride. APO Networks are also working on a customer relations software package which also ties up any free time for FPS development. BUT! When we have the time we have many more ideas for FPS in the near future. Download v2.4 today for FREE and FUN and FUNCTIONAL. One click record creation and database output to printer...

Submission + - FreeBSD 6.4 released

An anonymous reader writes: While I was visiting I was surprised to find the FreeBSD 6.4 release there. Unless FreeBSD foundation has been making the official announcement, please wait with downloading so all the mirrors are having a chance to get it.

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