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Comment Re:OR (exclusive) (Score 1) 254

Perhaps the typical Fat Dumb American are actually intelegent people who cannot find work to match their potential.

Dude. I just could not read the rest of your comment. You start with broad categorization issues and proceed to misspell intelligent all in the first grammatically incorrect sentence.

You may have had something intelegent to say but fuck me. I couldn't get to it.

(sorry about being pedantic, it is not my normal mode)

Comment Re:fostering a generation that cant cook. (Score 1) 148

And you know what, we are fine. Unless we are waiting for an asteroid strike, the zombie apocalypse or some other shit that collapses human civilization, we will be fine.

As a child, I wondered why the average person did not know this stuff. It forces us to be dependent on others if we do not know it... as an adult, it seems like a conspiracy. How can you be free if you are ultimately dependent on society for your survival?

Don't get me wrong, I think the benefits that society brings are extremely useful and desirable; however, I should have the ability to say, "fuck off" without dying.

Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

The only people in the world who care about this data are people who sell devices to aid the activity. Whereas with my banking data, it is not only people who sell banking services that might want to steal it!

Try running for office and your "masturbation" details will be released. Oops.

For myself, I would not care if you used a vibrator or not but there are hundreds of thousands of mouth-breathers out there who do care.

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 2) 160

While your argument is sound, my experience says that there must be more to it than that.

I had a 99 Saturn SL1. At 65mph it averaged, roughly 34mpg. At 80mph, it averaged roughly 38mpg. These numbers are from memory but they are roughly correct. It surprised me greatly to discover these numbers.

How can this be? I am unsure. Possibly something to do with gearing and RPMs. Weird, but empirical data outweighs theory every time.

Comment Re:Also changes privacy settings (Score 1) 281

One, the diagnostic phone home, is again on and takes a registry hack to turn it back off again.

Why would even bother? It is clear that the operating system is hostile to your interests so how can you be certain that hacking registry keys is making it behave the way you want it to behave?

I have completely and utterly severed myself from Microsoft in my personal life. There is nothing that is offered on that platform that is worth using that operating system. Granted, it took me reassessing why I used computers at all for me to be able to make such a choice, but just wow; how can anyone willingly participate in what Microsoft is shoving down our throats? It is better to not use computers at all.

Comment Re:So many games on Linux now... (Score 1) 281

I use Linux exclusively now because of Windows 10. I use Steam for games. The games I play are fun.

All is not well in the Linux+Steam world however...

The interface for finding games is utter shit. I have never seen Saints Row or Tom Raider despite going through dozens of "pages" of games. Steam seems intent on forcing you into particular titles and making other titles close to impossible to find. I would have bought Saints Row if I would have seen it. Now that I know that it exists, I will do a specific search for it. I hope that I find it! One would think that such a game would be prominently displayed in the first place.

Comment Re:Great news everyone (Score 1) 161

What we call gravity arises from spacetime. ... The concept of time moves faster the further away it is from the matter that it is part of (e=mc^2 simplified).


In summary, galactic rotation curves are flat because time is faster and space is smaller where there is less matter.

Then why doesn't the same thing happen in the solar system? If it did, we wouldn't have had a mystery in the first place.

It does happen in the solar system.
Read paragraph 7 in particular. That is all.

Comment Re:Great news everyone (Score 1) 161

MOND is dumb anyways. What we call gravity arises from spacetime. When matter is condensed from energy, what is left is spacetime. There is more spacetime near matter which causes a pressure towards matter. This is what we call gravity.

Why is this important? Because there are areas of the universe where the universe has already ended. The concept of time moves faster the further away it is from the matter that it is part of (e=mc^2 simplified).

In summary, galactic rotation curves are flat because time is faster and space is smaller where there is less matter.

Comment Re:A preview of President Trump's upcoming win. (Score 1) 693

the third-worlder isn't all that much better off than before, and may actually be much worse off if they went from an agricultural job they had some control over their destiny to a dismal factory job where they have no control at all

Why did they switch from the former to the latter then? (And if it wasn't their own choice, what forced them to do it? Honest question, not rhetorical).

In England, back in the old days, it was done by kicking the peasants off of the land that the peasant did not own. Either starve or go to work in the new factories.

Comment Re:What CNN didn't say (Score 1) 323

The FBI agents refused to deal with her lawyer, and intimated that they would pick her up off the street to interrogate her without a lawyer present.

That is... scary. Terrifying really. Being forced, by "agents of the law", into a situation with severe legal ramifications without access to a lawyer? Seems like it violates a Constitutional Amendment of some sort...

Comment Re:Famous last words... (Score 1) 231

I used to have a "duster". A long leather coat that goes down below the knees.

So my brother and I were at the beach earlier that day and decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm. I got out of the car but the wind was a bit chilly so I put on my duster. I was still wearing shorts...

My brother and I are innocently walking along when I see a female (maybe 23 years old) walking with what I assume was her boyfriend... and she was staring strangely at me. I realized that with my duster closed, it looked like I might be a flasher, so I whispered to my brother, "stay here and watch this."

I then altered my path to head more towards the female and her boyfriend and when I was about 10 feet away, I ripped open my coat and said, "Bleh!".

The girl turned away and then turned back and we all had a good laugh. I explained that I had just come from the beach and the wind had turned a bit chilly and had not thought of what I looked like until I saw her staring at me.

Good times.

Comment Re:It's all relative (Score 1) 1080

So where is this seemingly wonderful place? What liberties and freedoms will I have to give up to go live there?

I like what the USA is founded on. I also like the wide open spaces of the western states. I dislike the corrupted system.

Essentially, would I have to give up my core values to live a reasonable life? Seriously, what country are you living in?

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