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Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 1) 178

Clearly, you should publish a paper proving that this theory neatly wraps up all of the unexplained observations that motivate dark matter theories and gain yourself a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution.

I have been working on writing a paper discussing this topic for more than a year now. Is it wrong to discuss ideas before publishing?

Why would I want a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution? I do not require money or fame; furthermore, I already have a nice, well paying job.

Thank you for attacking me Sean (Shawn?). Your denigration is very useful and open minded.

Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 0) 178

Lack of new physics means that we have no explanations for the myriad of things which need new fundamental physics to explain sch as what is Dark Matter? and why is the Higgs boson so much lighter than the scale of quantum gravity?

Gravity is merely a byproduct of the properties of spacetime.

The 'time' aspect of spacetime flows faster the further you get from the mass that created the spacetime. This 'time' differential is what causes the effect known as gravity.

Dark matter does not exist. Galactic rotation curves are the way they are because there is less mass near the edge of the galaxy, which means time is flowing faster near the galactic rim. Hence, the illusion that the stars on the rim of the galaxy are moving objectively faster than they should.

Comment Re:The cost of drugs for rare diseases? (Score 1) 311

But, when we as citizens don't insist our politicians address campaign finance reform, policies favoring corporations will continue to guarantee price gouging will continue. Campaign finance reform should be made the top issue... Every. Single. Election.

It is sweet that you think it is apathy from the public that is inhibiting campaign finance reform. It must be cozy inside that little world of yours. Come out and take a long look at the guns, blood, and enslavement that actually inhibits such changes. Enjoy. :)

Comment Re:Ah, italian taxi drivers... (Score 1) 215

Ironically, on my last trip to Italy, the only person who ripped us off is a taxi driver.

Same here, but in the Netherlands. I almost called the police but it was my last day and I did not need the extra 38 euros he was trying to extract from me. Missing my flight would have been more inconvenient than just letting him have the fucking money. Disgusting that there are people out there so desperate for money that they will steal small amounts at any chance. What kind of desperate life must they be living?

Comment Re:What about paid emulations? (Score 1) 116

In the case of game system emulators, they should have just said that they're banning the emulation of proprietary game systems (not officially endorsed by the companies owning those game systems in the first place). That policy would have been sensible enough.

I disagree. Why should they even care? Are they afraid that original Xbox games will be playable on the Xbone?

Again, playing in someone elses sandbox is a prescription for trouble for you. For myself, I will never participate in the Microsoft Store.

Comment Re:Leftisy government (Score 1) 366

I have five moderation points and used three of them to mod "politically incorrect" posts +1; insightful and then I wrote a post explaining that posted as AC and the damn site instantly removed my moderation.

If you are moderating and wish to comment you can always post as an Anonymous Coward or have a separate account.

Except that is what he did, he posted as AC (see bolded portion above) and still had his moderations removed. I knew that to be the case from hard experience as well, but they should advertise the fact that is not merely whether or not you are posting AC but also the IP address from where you are posting... which becomes interesting when you are behind your organization's proxy... did anyone else in my organization post while I was modding?

Comment Re:Simplicity (Score 1) 467

And when _I_ try to do anything, it breaks and when I ask for help, they all point to others because their software is perfect.
And do not even try to change settings in a human readable file, because if you are lucky, it will be overwritten by who knows what and that would be the best outcome.

And asking questions on how to do that, the RTFM is not available and the FAQ is something not even the writer or the developer can understand and all other documentation just says : you need X, Y and Z and the versuon you run is not the correct one and if you install the correct one, 7 other programs will break and will never work again.

So all you can hope for is to install something, hope it works and never do any upgrades, because that will break the system.

The first thing I thought of when reading this was Grub2. Am I a bad person?

Comment Re: Never understood the Ubuntu hate... (Score 1) 374

Windows is so popular because there is only one current version of Windows and everyone knows it and all Windows applications work on it.

Oh really? I know of many games and productivity software that works on XP but not on Windows 10. Even software that ran fine on Windows 7 can have problems on Windows 10. Many programs are poorly written and rely on very specific aspects of the operating system, which changes, even within a particular "release". Do you recall trying to run stuff on Windows XP when Service Pack 2 for XP was released? Yeah, a lot of stuff broke.

If you want to develop for Windows there's no guesswork, and the design decisions you make aren't going to split your potential userbase.

Eh? For developers, it is even worse. Did you bank everything you had on VB6? Too bad. Silverlight? Too bad. .Net 2.0? Too bad. Any of the specific versions of IE? lol, too bad. Oh, and if you use Microsoft development tools, telemetry (that you don't get to see) is built right in.

The reasons you think Microsoft operating systems are popular are not really valid reasons.

Comment Re:Never understood the Ubuntu hate... (Score 1) 374

So there's just as much hate for Fedora is there? Both OS's use Gnome 3 & Systemd....

Definitely not. There is more hate for Fedora/Redhat than there is for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was absurd for not implementing a full X11 protocol on their display server.

Redhat and Fedora should be burned to the ground for not merely ignoring standards, but for violating them at every turn. If we wanted SystemD we would use Windows or Macs. Same with PulseAudio.

While Mir was interesting, it is still throwing away a lot of functionality, even if it does bring new functionality in.

The root of the problem is someone telling someone else THIS is how it has to be when there is already an accepted standard for that process. Change the standards intelligently and you will have no problems. Start telling people that their software will no longer run and that the 20 or more years of knowledge they have accumulated is now worthless is not a good way to go about doing things. Just sayin' ... especially when your new way is not even reliable yet!

Comment Re:It's going to be "internet channels" (Score 1) 132

Soon you will (sic) offered internet channels instead of speeds.
The days of ordering just "internet service" are numbered.

What is even funnier about what you are saying is that all web sites, taken together, are not the Internet. http/https are just two protocols. Web sites exist at an even higher layer than the protocols. When you "buy internet service", you are supposed to be buying access to a global communications network, not particular ports, protocols, and services.

And they wonder why terrorism is a thing. "Let's deny reality in order to steal money from you." As a bonus, and the root cause of terrorism, the authorities that are supposed to prevent such criminal machinations are complicit in allowing this to happen. D'uh. Bombs or guillotines. This will not end well.

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