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Comment Re:can it get me home from the bar? (Score 5, Funny) 289

Ok, you got me. I'm part of the conspiracy. Google cars have not only hit but killed nearly 80% of people that are unlucky enough to wander into the 10 foot radius kill zone. Nobody wanted to speak out against Google because we were afraid they'd divulge our search histories and revoke access to youtube.

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Can Coin survive? Project delayed, backers outraged, and doubts loom over ...
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Update on 08-23-2014 from Joshua Sherman: Coin has issued an apology to its backers and will now be letting those that beta test upgrade to the final version for free, instead of the original $30 charge. Coin said that it will also expand the beta program to...
Coin apologizes to customers, won't charge beta users $30 to upgradeCNET
Coin makes up for its delayed smart card launch with an expanded beta testEngadget
Coin Is Only Inviting 10000 Backers For Beta Testing, The Rest Have To Wait ... Android Headlines - Android News
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