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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: You Just Never Know 1

OK - I'm not going to talk about sports all the time, but this week-end I started watching the Everton/Manchester United match. I'm an Everton fan. When I had to time to check it out, the second half had just started and it was 1-1. I was pleasantly surprised. But within just a few minutes Man U scored twice and it was 3-1. I really didn't feel like watching Everton get crushed and I had other stuff I ought to be doing anyway, so I shut it off and went and did the other stuff. Last night I was checking scores from throughout the day and that match ended in a 4-4 draw. Should have watched it, but you just never know. (And the super-bonus, didn't expect it awesome news was that Liverpool lost to West Brom and Everton actually gained a point on them. Woot!)
Now to pull this around to something less sport-y. I'm learning git and it's pretty cool. That is all.

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You Just Never Know

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  • git rebase has cut probably hundreds of hours of work in the time since we switched from CVS about a year ago. We do heavy customization of our codebase for our clients, so before we'd just hit cvs update and pray. When our prayers go unanswered, we'd sort through all the files marked C and try to remember what the heck we were doing.

    Since git rebase applies each change one at a time until there's a problem, it can tell me exactly what the hell I was trying to do when I changed one line for one client. g

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