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Journal SPAM: Twitter 6

If anyone from here follows me on twitter - and thinks it would be good if that were reciprocated, you are going to need to let me know, especially if the user names don't match what you have here. I'm getting lots of follows now from people who are scammers or whatever. I think they are fishing around for people that use clients that will autofollow back, stuff like that.

I got my first reply on twitter the other day from someone I don't know. They were replying to something they found via search - it wasn't someone following me. This is where it is going to get interesting. I'm waiting to see when spammers start using this. Depending on how things go - it could basically make twitter completely useless. (insert already useless jokes here)

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  • I was thinking about your project and timed release messages earlier. In theory, I could create @GetOffMyLawn and tweak it just enough to reply to a random open tweet on the main page every x minutes with, "Get off my lawn you whippersnapper! Back in my day the only bulletin boards we had needed thumbtacks!"

    A twitroll as it were.

    I was just going to use it to tweet the complete works of Shakespeare, one line at a time, say 4 times a day.
  • I would sign up for a twitter account and Friend you, but only if I knew I could spam you. It's a useless technology if you can't make money off it. That's how the world goes round and round. Don't try to fight the forces of society, they will overwhelm you. Relax and accept the fact that you will be assimilated. Take the blue pill.

  • Spammers already try to use it... they get banned pretty fast...
  • twitter is. Seriously. All the depth of a text message combined with the personal closeness of screaming out the window.

    I keep having people tell me how great it is, but I ain't seeing it. Barely adequate to keep me slightly entertained at work.

  • Luckily, the scammers are easy to spot. I can't understand people who automatically follow back anyone and everyone who follows them. I've actually trimmed back the list of people I follow, just to keep the flow to a reasonable level.


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