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Comment Engadget'sideo comparison (Score 1) 314

Engadget has an interesting write-up on this with a video comparing page-load times on an Edge connection between Safari and Opera Mini. The article also links to a page Opera has up with a timer showing how long it's been since the app was submitted. If the video is legitimate, I could see this getting a lot of people to move to Opera Mini (if Apple accepts this app).

Comment Re:In 5 years (Score 1) 646

My newest hard drive is 3 years old (7200RPM, 750GB). All others are older, and are on almost 24/7. For example, a 40GB Maxtor drive reports that it has been spinning for ~58k hours, so that's ~6.6 years. Here's a report from speedfan. Oh, and the UDMA error count has been like that for a few years now.

And here's another report. This 120GB hard drive has been spinning for ~39k hours.

The drives are much older than the hours they have been spinning because a few years ago I used to turn off my computer at night, so the "Power on hours" number is lower than the age of the drive. Now, both these drives are on almost 24/7, I also have some newer and bigger drives, but none are younger than 3 years old, becasue 3 years ago I stopped buying new hard drives. I use LTO1 and 2 tapes for stuff I don't access frequently so I don't need more hard drives.

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