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Comment Re:The problem is Packt (Score 3, Insightful) 53

> Unless they've edited that page since you commented that's bullshit.

Maybe you shouldn't criticize from anonymous coward attacks in the singular. I'm not sure which "that page" you're talking about - I didn't cite a specific page, so you have no idea which page I'm coming from.

Astroturf much?

> The job posting explicitly says they want native English speakers.

Which one? There are literally hundreds using that exact text, cut and pasted.

It is interesting that you refer to "on their various job postings" in the singular, like it hadn't even dawned on you that your very first hit might not be the one I meant. (Ostensibly this is because you went straight to the page at your employer's website, rather than to look for it, because if you actually Google that text, you get results across dozens of sites.)

Go criticize your own lack of googling skills under someone else's name, sir. I have no interest being attacked by a Packt staffmember from incorrect "facts" so painfully obviously structured from falsehoods.

Anonymous cowards are called cowards for a reason.

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