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Journal Journal: Tech Interviewing someone higher up than you? 9

First of all, I don't want this published to the frontpage...
Having said that, I have a quick question. I'm a Java guy that manages a few younger java guys. I have been asked to tech a .net guy that (according to his resume) has managed over 30 developers. How do I tech a guy like that? Do I just stick with OO/patterns questions? I know how to tech a java guy, but one that has more experience than me is a daunting task...
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Journal Journal: Twitter 3

fyi - can't multiply cause of work, so I've become a twitter man... that's where I do my updating... if you twitter, my id is my last name...
Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: Lions fire Millen! 10

Yeah, really.

Only took that organization like five years to see what the rest of the football world sees... 'bout time!
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Journal Journal: A possible return... 14

New job (back to consulting) and current client blocks 'social networks', so I may have to make my return here until the situation changes.

What really sucks is hurricane ike destroyed Cincinnati, and I've been without power at home since Sunday, so even if I wanted to blog on multiply, I can't...

Stay tuned, I suppose...
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Journal Journal: [Update] Memeprisal: "Tis the season" 24

This comes from shadow wrought, stoolpigeon, JC, Smitty, and originally, I think, RM6f9

Post a comment to this thread, and I will:

1. Tell you why I befriended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc..
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. In return, you must post this in your Journal/Blag/whatever.

Update: Ahh, the 2 minute rule... killing my productivity from answering all these... I'll get to you eventually, but it'll be off and on over the next day or two. Sorry!
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Journal Journal: Congress needs to stop pussy footing around 4

There is no constitutional power that allows congress to really, absolutely force a sitting president to do anything. They do however determine funding, and they can impeach(which isn't on the table), which gives them a VERY big stick.

So if the Miers/Justice dept scandal is really that big a deal, use the fucking stick. Start defunding things.

The executive has, imo, usurped wayyyy too much power over the past 50 years. Bush has followed in the footsteps of his predeccesors and finally, really pushed it over the line. So congress needs to grow a pair and rein the branch back in, or shut the fuck up about it.

All of congress's oversight is basically based on the premise that if they don't get to do it, they won't fund it. Because while it's a tradition, it's not a power.

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Journal Journal: Crosspost - Brewing Again 2

Originally posted on Multiply:
This has probably become a sort of joke, because I've been talking about doing it again for a very long time. Anyway, I haven't brewed beer in a very long time. I used to do all-grain, which as anyone who does it can tell you, is a royal pain in the ass. You have to sanitize a fuck ton of stuff, then keep water temperatures constant during sparging, while varying them depending upon the grains you've added at what step in the process(yes, process, to get the best character in the end product you might for example only add your pilsner malt after X amount of time of sparging your malted wheat, and thus vary the temp). It's not hard to do it and get something highly drinkable out of it, but it's really fucking tough to get consistency.

To make things interesting, I took a general vote amongst my beer drinking friends as to what type of beer they would like. After realizing it was just increasing in difficulty the more things I vetoed, I settled on a hefeweizen. I was hoping for something like a stout or porter, because it's really tough to mess up a stout or porter(and if you do, you just up to gravity to get the ABV up to 12%, then it only bothers you for the first one).

So we go, pick up all the stuff. This will be a 100% pure extract brew, which means it'll lack character. Oh well. To try to make up for this, I pretty much just winged it.

First off, they didn't have any ready to pitch german wheat yeast at the brew store. So, alas, I had to get a propagation culture. Wyeast 1010 if you're interested. This means before I could start, I had to make a starter culture. I activated the yeast, boiled a liter of water and about 1 lb of light malt extract for 20 minutes, waited for it to cool down to room temp, and tossed into a beaker covered in foil. 3 hours later, I pitched the prop culture. 24 hours after that and it's gotten beery, so it's ready to use for reals.

To begin, I put 20 liters of water into the "king of all pots"(seriously, it's really tough to find something bigger than a homebrew/sparging pot, you end up going up to Turkey friers after a certain point), put the burner on high, and kept myself occupied watching the last hour of the propagation culture burping. Boiled for 20 minutes. I then added in my extracts. I used 4 lbs of malted Wheat extract, 2.5 lbs of light pilsner, and 3 lbs of light amber. Immediately added in 8 AAU of Hallertau hops. Boiled for 45 minutes. Added another 8 AAU of Hallertau hops. Boiled for an additional 15 minutes. Allowed to cool(this took forever...) and tossed it into the glass carboy(pails are for sissies).

Target Original Gravity: 1050-1060
Original Gravity: 1054
IBU: 20
Target Final Gravity: 1012
Target ABV: About 6%
Color: Light Amber - I don't feel like calculating this.

Checked on it this morning. Gravity had dropped to 1042. So it's at about 1% alcohol after just over 24 hours. Which is good, means I didn't kill the yeast. 13 days to go before I find out if it sucks or not.

Once it's done with the initial fermentation, I'm going to keg it, toss in 2/3rds of a cup of corn sugar, and store it in a mini-fridge I'll try to keep at 50. It should be drinkable, and if it's not all gone within 4 weeks, it'll be cask-conditioned and ready for bottling.

Couple more batches after this, and I'll start trying the crazy stuff(like Gluten free brewing).

New Slashdot Content!
The target ABV, IBU, and SRM will put this somewhere between a weizen and a weizenbock. Using American Wheat yeast as opposed to a german wheat yeast, and all extracts should keep it nice and crisp. Light on esters and phenols. Hopefully it turns out as planned.

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Journal Journal: I don't see Multiply going away... 16

Sorry to all the nay-sayers, but I pretty confident now that multiply isn't going away. I already find myself going to that page before slashdot. I'd suggest picking it up, just so you have an ID there and are associated with it in case we don't come back.

Here's me as a starting person to be joined to. Make sure you give me you /. id when you join, though.

FYI - I've requested to the site a way to grab /. historical journal entries, and they are considering it (they already have this feature for blogger, blogspot, etc...). I'd also like to see cross-posting for those too stubborn to leave...
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Journal Journal: Multiply 19

After serious consideration, I'm probably going to move to multiply, myself. My id was created a couple days ago (same ID as here), but I think I'll actually move journals over to it.

Most people that aren't on ask "what's so sexy about it"? The answer is it does everything we do here, plus a lot more (pictures, music, etc... but not terrible like myspace). The things its missing? The front page.
Now most people feel like there will be no more growth in the /. circle, which I feel is incorrect. The growth will be probably the same, but the reason will be different.
Right now, growth comes from a new slashdot id that stumbles onto us. We have lots in common, cause, most likely, the new person is a geek like the rest of us.
In Multiply, the new friends will come from other friends friends (follow that?). Basically, I'll become a friend of one of blinder's friends. Since blinder and I have a lot in common, his friend will, most likely, be compatable with me, also, so then the circle grows. Its just as open ended as the growth we have here, even more so, especially in the beginning.

I'd suggest everyone getting an ID, and start friending everyone up. I'd also suggest setting up your messages to only get the 'daily' email, not new emails for every little thing (as that is annoying as hell). Maybe do a weekly thing, who knows. Anyway, I'll still be around here, but probably not many more journals (especially since my journals have fallen off)...
Oh, and its easy to keep in touch with those that DON'T move there, as you can setup an RFF feed for your friends' journals here...
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Journal Journal: [Gym] Gym 2, Josh 0 12

I got another ass kicking last night. Did legs and partially back. The leg squats really kciked my ass (on the hammer-strength machine, 3 sets of 12 forward, and 3 sets backward). Calves and hammys I did well on (especially calves). Then we started on my back. While working on my lats, I started getting light headed... stomach started to ache. I had to constantly take breaks. The PT asked what was wrong, and I told him the light headedness. He asked when I last ate (this was at 5pm), I told him lunch at 11:30. That's when he said "Don't move, I'll be right back"... within a minute, I was on the floor barely concious. Another PT was keeping me awake until my guy returns with a shake. I was seconds away from passing out. So a lesson to learn, here:
Always have a snack before going to the gym! (Yes indeedy! I'm a stupid idiot!)

Anywho, the bicep sprain wasn't a sprain or a strain, just a really sore muscle. We worked it out and its fine today. I must be favoring the right side too much when working on my arms...
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Journal Journal: [Gym] I spoke too freakin soon! 3

Yesterday I went in and told the PT that initially put me on a workout that I want to ramp it up. He asked if I want to get 'big'.
Ok then...

And then... he proceeded to fully kick my scrawny little ass. Spent an hour just on biceps, chest, and abs (lots of 'hammer strength' machines, which are machines with freeweights on it that NFL/pro athletes use, then lots of freewieghts. The only 'simple machines' we used was for me to work on my biceps one at a time). I was in agony. He set goals on what I was to do. Then he told me to lay off all the cardio. I do 30 minute cardio on Sun, Tues, Weds when I'm lifting, and 60 on MWF when I'm not. I'm supposed to do 60 minutes a week, and that's it. Plus the way he's working me out, I may not be ready to go at a muscle group after 45, so I'm supposed to work out a muscle group until I fail (then I know I've worked it to the max), and pick another muscle group the next day.
Monday we work on quads, hammys, calves, and tris. The triceps should be the only ones that give me a ton of trouble, as I used to run track in high school, and still have pretty large legs...
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Journal Journal: The gym is paying off 9

I've been good about going to the gym (except for when I was sick). I lift on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursday, then spend M-W-F on cardio (I still do cardio on the days I lift, just not as much). I leave work at 4:30 and avoid the rush at the gym (though its starting to taper now that people are quitting their New Years resolutions). I'm finding it difficult to keep my heart in the cardio zone on the treadmill. I have to actually work to keep my heart pumping for 45-60 minutes a day. Holy hell, I'm actually somewhat in shape! I actually requested to take the whole family out grocery shopping right after my workout, cause I had trouble settling down and relax. I ended up wearing everyone else out, but I still had energy to burn...
I don't LOOK any stronger, but I definitely FEEL it. My abs are starting to show, much to the wife's delight (though I think she's waiting for my biceps to increase in size), which I haven't had since early college. Unfortunately, seeing them come through, I've been overworking them a bit...
When I ran track back in college, I always had issues with my calves. They used to call me popeye on track, because my calves were always larger than my quads/thighs. At night, I'd always wake up multiple times cause of muscle cramps in my calves... I'd spend a good 15 minutes working out the cramp to get back to bed. Last night I actually work up with muscles cramps in my abs. Talk about uncomfortable.

Anywho, I'm still on it and starting to feel the effects. When I have washboard abs, a descent chest and some guns, I'll post pics ;)
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Journal Journal: I'm raising a tomboy 4

Last weekend, when I was watching TV, Jenna walks into the room, sees the tube and yells "FOOTBALL GAME!"

Today, I was explaining to my wife how I've waited for today's games, and I intend on lounging and watching both of them, when Jenna walks in. "Want to watch football with daddy, today?" "Mmkay!"
She held my hand to lead her to the TV. Had to convince her to go get her favorite shoes to distract her...

So... I'm raising a tomboy, which is fine by me. Either that or she is ugly for the next 16 years. I don't want to have to deal with boys when she gets old enough. I simply don't have enough guns to clean...
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Journal Journal: [NFL] And the next Steelers head coach... 1

... is Mike Tomlin??
I'm reserved about this. Its still considered 'gossip' as no team officials have come forward (including anonymous officials via ESPN). Regardless, the choice has me a little concerned. Tomlin is a big believer in the Tampa-2 coverage scheme. I don't see this working in the AFC north. Funny thing, though, is that the Tampa-2, as Dungy is willing to admit, comes from the defensive scheme of the old 70s Steelers "Steel Curtain" defense. If you have a good enough front for (including 2 HOF'ers), you can put the rest into coverage, and the LBs (including 2 HOF'ers) can handle the run if they do get past the front four...

Regardless, I'm not a big believer in the cover-2, as its suppose to compliment a high powered offense, which the Steelers aren't. Regardless, either big changes are coming, or Tomlin will change his philosophy to be more in line with the Steelers.

Still surprised Grimm didn't get the job, to be honest. Not saying that he's a better candidate (the Rooney's know how to pick coaches!), just seemed like he was a Pittsburgh guy and ready for the job...

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