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Comment Re:The Raspberry Pi is obsolete (Score 1) 84

Unfortunately your Android toy applications are not what many SBC users demand. Many (if not most) want GPIO pins to have a real base to build own systems. Your Android will have a bit problems to connect a temperature sensor, infrared camera or whatever you can buy for no fortune in your electrical supply store next door. Where I have to admit I am no big Pi neither – sticking to the (still new) $9 C.H.I.P. SBC looks much more promising to me, and be it just because of on board wifi and bluetooth...

Comment Re: Damned Lies And Politics (Score 1) 204

Link from TFA to How the Baseless 'Terrorists Communicating Over Playstation 4' Rumor Got Started describing that there still is no evidence for this, also writing about some more ridiculous ideas of how some media thought they might have communicated, e.g. writing messages to each other by firing bullets on a wall in Call of Duty

Comment Re:I live in Austria, first thing I hear about thi (Score 2) 292

dug by 320.000 inmates that died from it. Or maybe these numbers are simply completely bogus too. The actual number of victims in KZ Gusen (I + II + III) was 44.600

regarding the 44.600 you seem to forget, that KZ Gusen has been a part of KZ Mauthausen-Gusen, where the number of 320.000 murdered imprisoners has been taking of, like TFA also states.

Comment Re:Every time XKCD 936 is Mentioned (Score 1) 549

"Choosing a password should be something you do very infrequently" ?!
Pardon me?
Any stinky little site needs passwords for any senseless actions – and if you do not want to have a single-login-plz-hack-me account on the big central login sites, *and* you do not want to have all your passwords hacked at the same time in your password "safe" – what else would you do, instead of making a good private rule how to back-calculate your password from site names or whatever.

This security researcher cited will search much longer until a bit of security will be found by him

Comment Uber drivers in Germany threatend to get fined (Score 1) 288

So the times get finally a bit harder for this services ("They steal our jobs"). In Germany Uber now got forbidden completely, as one needs generally a special permission to transport people for money. A driver already got threatened to pay 250000 + 20000 Euros if keeping on driving people via UberPop.

Submission + - Brain-to-brain interface for remote control oh humans (

stiebing.ja writes: The University of Washington have created a brain-to-brain device where one person could remote control the movement of another one just by imagining a movement.
The signals where sent by a EEG device over the internet to a TMS device which then triggered the movement in the brain of the receiver.
As similar experiments also had been done from human brain to rats, this is now the first time humans control humans.

Submission + - Brazilian journals' self-citation cartel smashed (

ananyo writes: Thomson Reuters has uncovered a Brazilian self-citation cartel in which editors of journals cited each other to boost their impact factors. The cartel grew out of frustration with the system for evaluating graduate programs, which places too much emphasis on publishing in 'top tier' journals, one of the editors claims. As emerging Brazilian journals are in the lowest ranks, few graduates want to publish in them. This vicious cycle, in his view, prevents local journals improving. Both the Brazilian education ministry and Thomson Reuters have censured the journals. The ministry says articles from the journals published in 2012-12 will not count in any future assessment, and Thomson Reuters has suspended their impact factors.

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