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Submission + - IoT devices with default telnet passwords used as botnet (

stiebing.ja writes: IoT devices, like DVR recorders or webcams, which are running Linux with open telnet access and having no or default passwords are currently a target of attacks which try to install malware which then makes the devices a node of a botnet for DDoS attacks.
As the malware, called Linux/Mirai, only resides in memory, once the attack has been successful, revealing if your device got captured ist not so easy, and also analyzing the malware is difficult, as it will vanish on reboot.

Submission + - China Tests Quantum Radar That Detects Stealth Aircrafts (

William Robinson writes: According to some reports, China has tested its first single photon detection technology quantum radar which could detect objects, including stealth aircraft, within the range of 100 kilometres, somewhere is mid August. The radar uses quantum entanglement photons, which means it has better detection capabilities than conventional systems. This means it can more easily track modern aircraft that use stealth technology or baffle enemy radar. The report also suggests that "The system was able to detect a target at a range of 100 kms in a real-world environment".

Submission + - Dissecting a frame of DOOM

An anonymous reader writes: An article takes us through the process of rendering one frame of DOOM (2016). The game released earlier this year uses the Vulkan API to push graphics quality and performance at new levels.
The article shades light on rendering techniques, mega-textures, reflection computation... all the aspects of a modern game engine.

Comment Re:The Raspberry Pi is obsolete (Score 1) 84

Unfortunately your Android toy applications are not what many SBC users demand. Many (if not most) want GPIO pins to have a real base to build own systems. Your Android will have a bit problems to connect a temperature sensor, infrared camera or whatever you can buy for no fortune in your electrical supply store next door. Where I have to admit I am no big Pi neither – sticking to the (still new) $9 C.H.I.P. SBC looks much more promising to me, and be it just because of on board wifi and bluetooth...

Comment Re: Damned Lies And Politics (Score 1) 204

Link from TFA to How the Baseless 'Terrorists Communicating Over Playstation 4' Rumor Got Started describing that there still is no evidence for this, also writing about some more ridiculous ideas of how some media thought they might have communicated, e.g. writing messages to each other by firing bullets on a wall in Call of Duty

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