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Comment Shashdot has had this as well. (Score 5, Insightful) 96

I have had something similar happen a couple times on slashdot - an ad redirects the whole page to a scam "You won a free apple laptop" page that tries to trick you into downloading malware. (for those who say it was a virus on the PC not slashdot, one of these times was on a fresh install of linux) This is why I have adblocker software and why slashdot is NOT whitelisted anymore. (Hint to slashdot's owners, Adopt the policy of the first poster and I may whitelist you again)

Comment Re:Super majority (Score 1) 634

Even if the younger crowd had shown up more, it wouldn't have changed the results. assuming a 63% turnout for 18-29 voters in the first referendum and 100% in the second (adding 3.775 million voters) with 2/3 of the new voters voting stay and 1/3 voting leave and all other voters voting exactly the same as in the previous referendum the "Leave" camp would STILL win, though by a much smaller percentage.

Comment Re:Last time I buy any EA product then... (Score 1) 303

No, you will just have to pay real world money to have a caddy and a golf cart, so you don't have to virtually walk the entire distance between every hole while pressing a button that keeps you from dropping your golf bag on the ground, and you only have to pay for a new golf ball if you don't want to do the golf-ball pixel hunt mini game! And in madden, you just have to play real world money to recruit the top players. As long as you are ok with a quarterback that you drag out of a virtual alley a few blocks from the stadium with a severe drinking problem (all realistically simulated in game), you don't have to pay a cent!

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 109

According to google:
the speed of light = 1802617500000 furlongs per fortnight
Though it may be less for you, since everything is bigger in texas (bigger furlongs = lower speed of light in fpf). Ive been wondering though, since everything is bigger in texas, does that mean everything is redshifted due to the wavelengths being longer?

Comment Re:Encrypt it then (Score 1) 241

Actually you can encrypt the data itself, but not the database. Basicly the client side would have to send, I want the address, email and phone number for person whos hash value = (hash key), the cloud looks up the hash, sends back the information in encrypted form associated with that hash, decrypts it, then uses it for whatever is needed. Upon changing it, the client encrypts it before updating the cloud. The server would not know the actual data unless they got the encryption key. the downside to this would be they only have one value they can use to lookup the data, as they wouldnt be able to do a lookup based on the encrypted information.

Comment Re:Luke Wilson warned us (Score 2) 291

This is just another step towards the realization of the movie "Idiocracy".

I can picture it now!

year 2511:

Unintelligent Doctor: Watson, the patient is screaming "AAAA It hurts so bad" and recently fell off a bike before coming here. What is wrong with him?
Unintelligent Doctor: *pokes leg*
Unintelligent Doctor: Wow Watson, you were right again! There is something wrong with his leg! We had better amputate it right away!

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