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Comment Re:38,000 cubic meters of helium? (Score 5, Informative) 144

An MRI machine needs 1,700 litres of liquid helium, which needs to be topped off regularly. That's the equivalent of 12,724 cubic meters. The airship needs 38,000 cubic meters of helium, which I assume also needs to be topped off regularly.

In other words, the airship uses Helium at the rate of three MRI machines (according to my layman calculation). I'm not making a judgement one way or another. I just wanted to quantify the comparison.

Comment Re:Credibility of the system (Score 1) 205

What happens when someone asks for a judge to recuse themselves because the litigation value tripled when the judge got assigned? It's a lot harder to defend the integrity of the system when supposedly impartial actors have quantifiable effects.

Lawyers, the media, and insurance companies already do try to quantify the rulings of judges.

It's not like this is anything new. Plus, it's not like these reports will be posted online for free. Some parts will, to gain attention and get publicity, but most of these won't since obviously the founder is trying to a make commercial product out of it since he's using YCombinator funding.

Comment Re:I really do think (Score 1) 198

I don't see how that's relevant. If Google antagonizes some of the carriers, that will just fragment the mobile space even more, because those carriers will just find a different OS that allows them to install whatever crapware they want on it (for instance: Tizen, CyanogenMod, Windows Phone, etc.).

Comment Re:What happens when wetware bcomes a thing? (Score 1) 275

No, that's not quite a duress password. That's girlfriend #1 password, or that's girlfriend #2 password. Each password just logs into a different account (but it does it quickly and seamlessly so that the person doesn't know they're login in to a different account). For instance, you could have a picture of your girlfriend #1 as the wallpaper when you unlock your phone with your first password. The email app would lead to one particular email client that girlfriend #2 doesn't know about. The gallery would only contain pictures of girlfriend #1, but not #2. The text app would only contain texts that you sent to girlfriend #1. Etc.

Comment Re:What happens when wetware bcomes a thing? (Score 2) 275

it could potentially be configured to disregard entry attempts if your attempt to access was not sincere

That problem is already solved.

My old Android LG G2 for instance allows me to login under a different profile based on the particular pattern/password I am using. This is handy if you have multiple girlfriends (not that I even have one yet, but I am speaking hypothetically, so let's say I do get one girlfriend, and then a second one). If they see your password/pattern, they're under the illusion that it is your main password, so they can snoop all they want using that same password, and the system doesn't give them a clue that they're in a particular profile.

Of course, you can disable apps and functionality for each particular profile you have on that phone, and that part can be handy if you're loaning your phone to a kid, or to a perfect stranger, but then of course, it may become obvious that they're using a crippled profile if too much standard functionality is missing from it.

And for your laptop, you just need to carry around a Linux laptop, or a Chromebook. What are they going to do? Fine you for not having access to all the accounts on your machine? Or fine you for using your Chromebook in Incognito mode?

As to the traces of cocaine, I don't think that's fair. Almost all US currency has traces of cocaine on it and I assume it's the same with Canadian currency. And if he carried cash in his bag, then obviously their spectrometer is going to find traces of cocaine in it. It would be weird if they didn't.

As to the $5,000 cash (whether it's US dollars or Canadian dollars), I don't see why that's even relevant. It's well under the legal limit and a drug mule would probably carry 50+ times that amount anyway. What do the Canadian authorities want anyway? If they tell their Canadian citizens not to carry cash when crossing the US border, US border officials will find that suspicious and may turn them around back to Canada. It's going to be damned if you do, or damned if you don't.

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