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Comment Re:news flash (Score 1) 450

I would instead say "unintentional megacorp hindered by purpose-sprawl more than code-stink or feature-creep". Some large organizations inspire creativity. Granted not many.

Can you name one - just one - top-down organization which inspires creativity and innovation? I'd even give you points for naming one which does not stifle said characteristics.

Comment Heathkit (Score 1) 430

Tarnish is not the right word. Heathkit had its beginnings in aviation and developed into electronics kits after WW II. Electronics equipment was generally assembled by hand until the late 60's or so, and there were substantial savings to the customer if he/she was willing to assemble it him/herself. Then, printed circuit techniques and especially integrated circuits and automatic (and off-shore) assembly reduced the labor cost dramatically. It was technically harder to build competitive gear at home, and the labor savings are now probably negative. Kit building is much less interesting now, except for specialized market niches.

So the Heath company was bought by Zenith and eventually left the general consumer electronics business entirely. (Zenith used to be a famous brand, by the way. It could have been on the list.) A company needs to seek the most profitable markets. It's sad, but it's not a moral decision. Change is not "tarnish".

Comment So how is copyright a right? (Score 1) 312

If it were a "right", it would not cost anything.

So how is copyright a right then? If I want my "right" enforced, I have to join and pay an artists "interest" union, that I would never trust. Even worse, if I burn my own music (played with the band I am a member of) on my own CD, I have to pay that same union because I am supposed to be pirating my own music

That's blackmail, not a right

Comment Re:Get your lawyers ready /. (Score 1) 859

Say, a convicted imbezzler working with large amounts of cash?

Say, a convicted embezzler, having served his time, applying for a job with no amounts of cash whatsoever, but in spite of his otherwise fine qualifications not getting the job because he's cried out as a criminal in some public source?

hiding what someone has done in the past doesn't necessarily help the people they are around or to reform them

In a case like the above, and even in a case like the in the original post, I think getting over it and moving on -- after actually having served the penalty decided by the judicial system based on the laws passed by the parliament elected by the people -- is actually quite alright.

Comment Re:That's change I can believe in (Score 1) 244

There's no other way for the Obama administration to kill subpoenas like this?

First let me say if this is an Obama ploy I disagree with it. With that out of the way, there is no way for Obama to stop a president that follows him from trying to issue a subpoena. Without a law or a court order, which didn't work to stop the second Bush, there's no way Obama can stop the president that follows him.


Comment Re:Makes you wonder, doesn't it? (Score 1) 207

While I hope what you say comes true, the problem with your argument is diversity of operating systems. given we can do a basic split of end users OS's... say 80% windows based the rest UNIX based. but then it's broken down by flavor ( red-hat, win2000, winme...)

so Mr. I-hate-the-internet-and-I-am-going-to-fix-it, please design it to be multi-flavored

Comment Lets make this very clear! (Score 4, Insightful) 550

The Americans With Disabilities Act was written so loosely that there are so many of these litigious bullshitteries going on nation wide. It is basically a form of extortion facilitated by poorly written 'laws'.

We need reform on the ADA as soon as possible! Locally, a predatory woman has sued over 80 local businesses (this is her JOB now), represented by a lawyer who has sued over 250.

I hope sony lobbies to get reform.

I say all of this with the great respect for the disabled and the true intent of the ADA. It is the exploit of the act that bothers me so much.

In this case, Sony makes visual video games and a guy who can't see thinks Sony OWES him a game. That's like being allergic to peanut butter and suing Reeses for not making you a hazelnut cup. THEY DONT OWE YOU A HAZELNUT CUP!

Comment Re:Litigated before (Score 1) 865

So if I have none Apple RAM in my iMac then i'm making an unauthorized copy? This is just plain stupid and will result that one day we will no longer be able to service our products unless we follow the AUTHORIZED solution. This should be thrown out of court. Before you know it there will be a EULA for knives. Some will allow you to cut brown bread and others will allow you to cut white bread but read the fine print because the brand is important to.

The more I learn about copyright the less I respect it.

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