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Comment Re:Doublespeak (Score 1) 400

MKV files don't work on bloody anything reliably except VLC, even though they're theoretically an h264 variant

Setting aside the fact that MKV is a container, not a codec, try using SMPlayer. It seems to handle MKVs better, and it's also cross platform and (IIRC) FOSS.

Comment Re:"No flight ceiling" (Score 3, Informative) 276

At those altitudes, wouldn't the fact that the air be EXTREMELY cold? (I think -52c or so at 30k feet?)

The problem is that air is far less dense at those altitudes. There's roughly a third the air at sea level. For example, suppose you're trying to keep the engine below 80C. An air flow at sea level and 20C that barely does it, would be equivalent to a third the airflow at -100C.

Comment Re:Marketshare gains misleading... (Score 2, Interesting) 463

Well to add my exp I have just tried it using Firefox on both WinXP and Windows 7 HP x64, and both seem to be working fine. The only search where I noted the supposed behavior was when I did some Google shopping for Zoom Bass Pedals (my old one is just about had it and I love their fat compression) and that is to be expected since it IS Google shopping.

I tried the same shopping search on Yahoo and found the same redirect behavior. So maybe the person was shopping via Google? Because I just couldn't get the redirect behavior on standard results from either search engine.

Comment Re:VOIP sucks. (Score 1) 426

Yes, my internet and VOIP and cell all work when the power goes out.

I assume you have phone-company provided internet. That's almost enough to make me consider switching: the one bad thing I've had with my cable internet is that whenever there's a power outage, the network connection is *gone* (and yes, I know, because I have a UPS for my computer and networking equipment).

Comment Re:just friends, no facebook, no cloud (Score 1) 262

Opera Unite is really just a (semi)permanent link to your computer. Anyone going to will get a DNS record pointing to your current IP. All the real happens on your computer.

Also, sharing with Opera Unite is way easier than any kind of uploading to some other server, only for someone else to download it from there, instead of just downloading it immediately from you. In other words, it's not a person-to-world tool, it's a person-to-a-few-people tool.

Comment As somebody who moved Toronto to London recently (Score 5, Informative) 1095

Where are you staying? If it's a secure place, then bring your laptop for when you're "at home" for planning your day, photos, etc. There are tons of coffee shops and even pubs with wireless, sometimes free. Personally though, I leave it at home and just carry a camera, A-Z and a Lonely Planet guide (along with a small but wind resistant umbrella, etc), but I can see the benefit to being able to check google maps and the TFL. BTW, will be your best friend at figuring out how to get between any places, especially considering that large parts of the Tube close at the weekends for engineering works. Having a laptop with me around always ways on my mind due to the risk of it being stolen - yes, one of my work colleagues had his bag (containing work laptop) stolen from under a table six of us were sitting around, in a pub in Soho.

Other than that, get out an enjoy yourself. London is a walking city, even in December when the daylight is limited and it can be blustery and wet. One of my favourite walks is from parliament, down the South Bank to the Tower: London Eye, South Bank, Tate Modern, Southwark Cathedral, The Globe, St. Paul's Cathedral, Borough Market, City Hall, Tower Bridge, etc. Greenwich is ace. You can get a Soho walking tour from Trafalgar square. The Royal Parks are awesome. There are tons of little villages that have been over-run by London growing outwards. Then there are more free museums and galleries than you can shake a stick at, and always a trusty pub nearby when you want a break.

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