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Submission + - Steam Sells Games with Broken Activations (steampowered.com) 2

logistic writes: Yet another collision of digital delivery, DRM and multiple vendors in every transaction. Steam puts game on sale but serves a bunch of CD keys that don't work. EA and Valve point the finger at each other when you contact support. According to the forums this happens on steam occasionally but the blogosphere is a bit quiet about it. If it were MS we'd be reading about this in the NY times. After you pay for digital content how long should you have to wait to access it without compensation? If you'd stolen the game you'd be playing by now.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - How Angry Should We Be About The PSN Hack? (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: "After Sony's PlayStation Network was hacked, rage started to build among the network's user base, with some eventually turning to lawsuits. But blogger Peter Smith — who's a PSN subscriber, and whose personal info was presumably exposed in the hack — wonders if the frenzy of anger is worth it, and is perhaps being egged on by media outlets eager for pageviews. At what point do we accept that a mistake has been made, that the company that made it trying to make amends, and move on?"

Sony To Launch PS3 Video Download Service 118

An anonymous reader points out a Los Angeles Times report that Sony is planning on making movies and TV shows available for download through the PS3 "as early as this summer." Sony hopes to make use of the roughly 4 million PS3s already sold in the US to compete with similar services such as XBox Live, which began offering video downloads over a year ago. "One of the service's greatest obstacles may be Sony's own culture. Sony Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Stringer has been battling a corporate silo mentality in which divisions within his company work in isolation, undermining new initiatives. The PlayStation group in Foster City, Calif., has been notoriously aloof. Once, a former executive said, it scuttled plans for a movie subscription service for the PlayStation Portable even though Sony Pictures had supported the initiative. What is more, the company, looking to safeguard its film, television and music holdings, has been an aggressive champion of copyright protection, often, critics suggest, at the cost of technological innovation."

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