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User Journal

Journal Journal: I know them already

Yeah I am back
I guess there's just nothing to talk about or I am just so damn forgetful that I have something to say and then I just like zone it
I dunno

It's been a little over a year since my 2 month old so died---
I am doing better now---
Mostly because he told me he plans to come back as my lesbian daughter (men go figure)
Also I have met 5 of my 6 children, and one of them was a former Royal!!!
The crappy thing is 3 of my children have a connection they didn't even know about--
They were both killed by the same psychotic ass hole. Creepy............................

As far as I can tell it break down like this--------
1. Former security guard, killed by psychotic ass hole (started as a man, will come back as lesbian)
2.Former real estate agent, also killed by afore mentioned ass hole (princess wanna be, why me)
3.Former 24 hour gas station attendant, yet another of ass holes victims (will be my gay son)
4. JUst a generic person, will also be 3 twin this time around(wants to be a Jedi like his grandpa)
5. Former Royal. 'Nuff said.............. (the easy maintnence child)

With this mixx up of come backs life is set to be verry interesting

User Journal

Journal Journal: Banks & Their BS


They are just so fucked up!!!!!!!!

Yes I am pissed and will use lots and lots of profanity in this posting because well a bank-WASHINGTON MUTUAL in spesific- has decided that just because the repo rate is up this month they will take unsuspecting and easy target customers and STEAL from them!!!!!!

I deposit a $75 check on the 22nd and today I go in to deposit a $10 check and when I get my statement from the teller I see a -$65 ballance!!!!!!!

Apperantly the drafter of the check put a stop payment on the check and now I owe the bank $65 for someonelses FUCK UP!!!

And here is the shit ball end of it---this was an eBay thingy and I have already shipped the item!!!! So now they win, and once again I have to pay for some other fuck ups bull shit.

Kiddos let me tell one thing that will be a solid peice of life advice--IT DOEN'T END WHEN YOU GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! IF YOU ARE THE ONE THEY PICK ON IN SCHOOL YOU WILL BE THE ONE THEY PICK ON IN THE REAL WORLD TOO!!!!!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Looking Up?

Well it sorta looks like things in my business are looking up.

I found some realy good wholesalers to use and I keep checking the bargain bins at like Freds and other fine stores. I am also selling cards for my fiances boss and he has some damn expendy ones too!

hopefully all this hard work will get us the $$$ we need to take aour vaction this year. We realy want to go to a waterpark in Spokane that looks way sweet and then down to Boise to visit his family and go to Roaring Springs (another wp in Meridian).

If you feel so inclined, and I hope you do, please feel free to visit and browse my eBay items at


Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: Whats in a name

Can anyone please tell me the name of the woman that kills the realy bad guy in RETURN OF THE KING?


User Journal

Journal Journal: Comming and going

Ever wonder why you are on this planet? Of all the possible choices when you were asked "WHich planet would you like?" ever wonder WHY you picked this filthy piss hole? I don't realy have that luxury as I was brought to this rock and I often wonder why this rock was picked of all the other planets out there. I am quite sure there was a better choice, or maybe I was just susposed to suffer miserably while life that was better went on around me. I suppose I had it good. My twin brother spent most of his first 15 years in either orphanages or wandering the streets. Our genotype sister was abandoned at 14 on Coruscant by her adopted family. Of all 14 of us only 5 have come out of hiding and only 2 of those had even relativly sane lives. Me I grew up with a manipulative controlling bitch for a mother that would just as soon disown you if you crossed her. But atleast I had food. Anyway...I know that ppl come and go off this planet, commenly known as Terra4 to offworlders, and well I would like to go. I have a family on Coruscant that I miss, mostly my twin, my mom and dad and my little brothers. Just incase they do read this here is a big ol typed hug to all of you. And just for the record, B, they are not noodles its your package or as Kalen calls it your dick. Untill we meet----MTFBWY
User Journal

Journal Journal: Failure

I guess I will never be a parent
Just one more thing I am a failure at
User Journal

Journal Journal: I'M BAAAAACK

Well we finnaly got the cable modem today and well as you can see I am back--

I haven't forgotten to make phone calls we are just WAY ASS behind in car and phone payments so it will be a bit before I can afford to make them :(

the new apt is ok I guess--the mexians in 5 (right below us) like to toke it up every so often and one night we got so high we thought the hamster crapping on us was funny.


as soon as I feel up to writing more I will my hands are getting tires with all the acct info I have had to chainge today


User Journal

Journal Journal: Teenagers 2


3 count them 3 almost hit me today!!!!!!

Lookin everywhere but the road they were!!!!!!

At anyrate.....I am gunna be in the Oly area Tues and I am hoping I can visit with a friend while I am there----

User Journal

Journal Journal: Looking Up ?


It's geting warmer.

Does that mean things are looking up or is it just getting warmer?

Alcoholic Molly called again tonight and got all weird and stuff about shit she is normaly clueless abt, like saying she is my mom in one phrase (which she is not, THANK THE FORCE) and "your real mother would be so proud" and "you come from strong people" in the next. I realy wish she would just deal with it ya know. I am like hella sorry her bb died and even more hella sorry that Master Tah had to leave me with these terran ,things. I guess he did what he had to and I think he was sorry too after he realized it and when he tried to get me back he couldn't.

At anyrate, its warming up here and so now maybe things can get underway...maybe Suav'E will show and all my Terra4ly problems will go away....................................

User Journal

Journal Journal: C O L D

it's cold here

19 degrees faerenheight

my toes are cold

fingers are headed there

heater can't get the house over 70

why don't my friends ever leave me messages?

well now i truly know what space travel will be like :|

bbbbbrrrrrr, def need xtra socks

would almost kill for a hot cup of caff right now

stay warm

think water parks in 100+ degree heat

oh yeah that helped now i am just depressed

I do like the snow though

well must go try to keep warm

User Journal

Journal Journal: FOR THE LOVE OF...

...glorious white fluffy cold wet fun snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some fucked up reason snow makes me feel ok.

Maybe its a prophecy I keep hearing in my head...
Unfortunate I can't tell what it is. Now if it would just come through damit.........

From the snow PNW I leave you all in peace

User Journal


if I write in these ridiculous journals anyway?

I know the Council tracks my every move. Why is beyond me. You usualy track someone to get them eventualy, right? Well I am waiting and you better hurry. I don't know where I will be soon. For all I know I will be rotting in a gutter on the street. Terrans make it so hard to get along on this planet. Been turned down for 3 apts just because K hasn't had a job for a year. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!! Don't yall recall when you were in the same boat? NO, of course not you rich bastards!!!

If I ever get lucky enough to have rental props I will remember. And maybe someday one of the richies that turned us out will come crawlin to me for shelter and I will be all sorry you havent slaved for a year.>:) Let em know how it feels to be tossed and lost. LIke any of that will ever happen, but I can dream right? Seems like dreamin is all I have anymore.

On a disturbing note...I have decided to learn an offworld language called Hutteese. I am thinking it might help in the business world since the last 4 ppl I did business with were Huts that realy didnt speak American Slang very well :|

And hell maybe now the Council will show the kindness they claim to have and remove me from this worthless speck of a rock I was abandoned on in 1970. Yes Righty I know you read these. Now come on you must be tired of the couch by now? You know damn well she aint letting you back in the candy store untill you deliver the goods.

Oh and Mon Templar...who the fuck are you? You keep asking me about myself but well you go first and then we will see.............

User Journal

Journal Journal: ITS ALL TRUE 1

I can see from the lack of comments, which are enabled by the way, that none of you give a shit so this will be transmission terminated.......
User Journal

Journal Journal: F**K OFF!!!

as the title bar says

i don't need your kind of friendship TE

go ahead hold it aginst me that i couldnt get up there when you were sick, i used to feel bad about it but now well ask me...

don't worry about me i am a big girl, and with friends like you well suicide is a pleasue!

sorry it had to turn out this way

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