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Submission + - CNet Scandal: Virus-laden Files (

starrsoft writes: CNet's claims, "We test all software products submitted to us against a comprehensive set of criteria... [we screen] for common viruses and spyware... We will not list software that contains viruses, Trojan horses..." Despite this, they're hosting software with a virus circa-1999, something incredibly simple to catch. This shows their virus-screening process is totally inadequate. Also, the user-rating for this software is 1-star (with the reviews screaming "Virus!"), while CNet editors gave it a 5-star rating; apparently CNet doesn't review user-ratings or have a process to automatically flag for manual review a piece of software that gets consistent 1-star reviews

Submission + - Amazon Offers Refund to Int'l Kindle Purchasers (

starrsoft writes: Amazon sent out an email this morning to people who bought an International Kindle (mine arrived yesterday) informing them that they had dropped the price by $20 and would be applying a $20 refund to my credit card. With this kind of customer service, I buy even my groceries from Amazon these days; no need to venture outside. I suspect that this is also fighting back against the Nook.

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