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Submission + - New U.S.-Canada border deal aims to cut bottleneck (

stanlyb writes: It is an "old" news, but having in mind the new coming "treaty" with the USA media goliats, i mean USA government, it all becomes to make sense. From the article: "WASHINGTON—Canada and the United States have pledged to overhaul border relations to save money and remove hassles but in return Ottawa will be exchanging more information on Canadian travellers and visitors with U.S. officials, a move that is raising concerns. The agreement, which will bring far-reaching changes to travel, police intelligence and commercial relations between the two countries, was given high-level endorsement in a White House meeting by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama here Wednesday afternoon. In addition to overhauling border operations, Canada and the United States are proposing to harmonize regulations on things like vehicle standards, food regulation and over-the-counter drugs in hopes of creating more efficient economic activity on both sides of the border."
And just for the record, one side effect of this treaty is that CANADA is going to effectively pay for screening, which the USA will use....ironic, ain't?

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