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Comment An old android ebook rooted may be cheaper. (Score 1) 142

Depends on the project.
I built a cheapy 4 line lcd/arduino interface for my custom security system for around 60 bucks. It was butt ugly because good cases are hard to find or expensive to custom build. My wife HATED it. So I found a cheapy android (1.5) ebook with wifi and rooted it for about $90 (could probably find it for 60 now) and wrote an android app. It looks WAY better than my butt ugly lcd and is also going to be an interface to my weather station (when I get around to finishing it) and a few other home automation projects.
The really nice thing about the whole thing was that when the company I am working for decided to develop a mobile app, my boss (who knew I had done the android security interface) threw the project to me. Android apps are pretty fun.

Comment Power use. (Score 1) 279

One of the interesting things that came out when this first was announced here in Utah was that this one facility would use about 65 MW of power. 40-50 thousand homes worth of power. That's as much power as all of Salt Lake City. That's a freakin lot of power for a "bunch of servers". ( and the AC to cool them. )

Comment dinky power but what about fiber processors (Score 1) 502

Picowatts are very very dinky. 65 pocowatts of light would be useless for a display, but what about fiber optic processors? What kind of light do they use? One of the problems in normal processors is heat. It would be nice to use the heat generated to produce more light (that you are using to do your processing).

Comment Why not the moon! (Score 1) 146

I don't get it. Why mars? How much more science could you do in 6 short hops to the moon vs. 1 monster hop to mars? Then once moon trips become commonplace you start to build manufacturing facilities and build your big components there. Just haul out of this big gravity pit that is the earth the things you cannot get or build easily there like electronics, some raw materials and mostly people. Once you are building things there you don't have to worry about escaping earth's gravity and I would think things could get lots more efficient. I think that it kinda sucks that once we got there we didn't stay there.

Submission + - Should Earth Be Classified as a "Blue Dwarf"? (

astroengine writes: "Earlier this year, asteroid hunters using the Pan-STARRS telescope system on Maui discovered 16 near-Earth asteroids in one night. Using the International Astronomical Union (IAU) definition of what a planet constitutes, it would appear that our world cannot "clear its own orbit." In fact, it's looking as if the density of rocky bodies in the inner solar system may be higher than the Kuiper belt! Does this mean Pluto was wrongly demoted? Or should we reclassify our world to a "Blue Dwarf"?"

Submission + - The Amiga Returns - In the guise of a Smartphone (

polyp2000 writes: I wanted to share with slashdotters my recent discovery of this ... It looks like someone is now producing Amiga branded mobile phones based on Android (1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android Froyo 2.2 ) Images here . Apparently they are looking to work with the Amiga community in getting titles running on the new platform. Full Article. Will this be a successful venture ?

Comment netindex filtered (Score 1) 233

Our filter here at work blocks under the category "Sex". Being the conspiracy theorist that I am it occurs to me that the best way that an ISP that didn't want you to see this info could keep you from it is to throw it into their filter lists under that category. I am not going to my admin to ask them to whitelist it because the first thing that he is going to ask is "what category is it in?" I don't care about the info that much.

Falcon 9 Prepares For High Stakes Launch 190

happylunarnewyear writes "The first new rocket to be launched from the Cape since 2002 is assembled and upright on Launch Complex 40. Falcon 9 will undergo fueling testing and live firing tests before the launch occurs as soon as next month. The stakes couldn't be higher, either. The much politicized proposal for a change in direction for NASA, which includes scrapping the Constellation program in toto in favor of privatization and a new heavy lift vehicle, veritably rides on this rocket. If the launch goes well, the plan for increased reliance on privatized cargo missions and eventually privatized manned missions will soar with it. However if something goes wrong, those plans will come crashing to Earth along with Falcon 9. Given the stakes, this launch is one of the most important in recent history. From the article, 'President Obama's proposal to shift transport of US astronauts to the space station from government launchers to privatized ones could suffer politically if there's a high-profile problem with the first mission of the Falcon 9, by far the most talked-about newcomer vying for the opportunity.'" Reader FleaPlus contributes related news about NASA's proposed funding for scientific payloads on commercial space flights, which would be a huge boon to researchers.

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