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Submission + - Could Life Be Older Than Earth Itself? (discovery.com)

astroengine writes: Applying a maxim from computer science to biology raises the intriguing possibility that life existed before Earth did and may have originated outside our solar system, scientists say. Moore’s Law is the observation that computers increase exponentially in complexity, at a rate of about double the transistors per integrated circuit every very two years. If you apply Moore’s Law to just the last few years’ rate of computational complexity and work backward, you’ll get back to the 1960s, when the first microchip was, indeed, invented. Now, two geneticists have applied Moore’s Law to the rate at which life on Earth grows in complexity — and the results suggest organic life first came into existence long before Earth itself.

Submission + - Senators taking sides in AT&T/T Mobile merger (reuters.com)

Sniper98G writes: "US senators have no official power to block the AT&T/T Mobile merger. But that has not stopped them from making strong recommendations to the FCC and the department of justice. This whole situation has left me asking "If the US senate and house are so concerned about a Triploy in wireless communication, where are the hearings about why most US household only have access to one or two wired communication providers?""

Submission + - Oil at sea is recoverable with greasy wool (bloomberg.com)

tchernobog writes: "Sometimes simple ideas are the best ones. An Italian group from Biella has developed a new method to clean oil spilled at sea by using greasy wool. Up to 950,000 tons of oil can be collected with 10,000 tons of inexpensive wool, without the risk of polluting the sea any further. The method has been presented to BP to be employed in the recovery of the Gulf of Mexico."

Submission + - 'Apple Peel' Converts iPods into iPhones

Hugh Pickens writes: "Bloomberg reports on a device that turns converts Apple's iPod Touch into an iPhone using a case that includes a circuit board and battery that wraps around the iPod Touch media player, allowing calls to be made after software is installed. The device, which requires breaking into Apple’s operating system, isn’t a counterfeit iPhone, says Pan Lei. "We’re capable of coming up with something original." Apple Peel sells for 520 yuan ($78) on Taobao.com, China’s largest online shopping site. and Yosion has agreed to offer the device in the US with New Orleans-based Go Solar USA Inc., whose website teaches users to “jailbreak” the iPod Touch in preparation for installing Apple Peel software. “The brothers who invented this Apple Peel probably ran down a list of how many ways could they annoy Steve Jobs,” says Jonathan Hudis, chairman of the American Bar Association’s Trademarks and Unfair Competition Division. “I could not see Apple standing by to let this continue, especially if it results in product shipping into the United States.”"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Will the Serial Console ever Die? 2

simpz writes: Will the serial port as a console connection esp for devices switches, routers, SAN boxes etc ever be displaced? Okay in one sense it's an simple connection, but it is the only current port you need to know about wiring/baud rates/parity etc to use, has non-standard pinouts and is now becoming too slow to quickly upload massive firmware updates on dead devices. And it is rapidly being removed from new laptops where you really need it in data centers. Centronics, PS/2, Current loop have mostly passed on. Any sign of a USB console connection?

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