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Submission + - Google's False Start reduces SSL latency by 30 % (

sridharo writes: "Google implemented SSL False Start in Chrome 9 that lead to a significant decrease in overall SSL connection setup times. SSL False Start reduces the latency of a SSL handshake by 30%.
Considering that more and more sites are turning to SSL ( Facebook and Twitter moved to SSL early this year ) , this move might benefit in making the web more secure."

Submission + - Anonymization is not really anonymous (

sridharo writes: "The articles points out by cross-linking multiple anonymized data-sets, there is a good chance of matching identifiable public records to an individual.
In one of the papers, using the IMDB as the source of background knowledge, a individual subscriber can be identified from anonymized data of Netflix."


Submission + - Drop in Junk (

sridharo writes: According to Symantec the number of Junk mails dropped to a quarter to 50 billion messages per day. One of the botnets called Rustock that typically accounts for 47-48% of spam sent globally accounted for only 0.5 % spam.

Submission + - Alien Planet Detected (

sridharo writes: Astronomers have discovered an alien planet circling a dying star.
There's every reason to believe that planets are really quite widespread throughout the Universe. This is the first time that astronomers have detected a planetary system in a stellar stream of extragalactic origin. This cosmic merger (Milky Way gobbling up the Dwarf Galaxy of the planet_ has brought an extragalactic planet within our reach."

Submission + - Why do we use QWERTY keyboards? ( 2

sridharo writes: Apparently the design of the most the popular and widely used HCI — the keyboard's layout is at places wantonly arbitrary.Apparently the inventor of the QWERTY layout Mr Christopher Choles actually doctored the keyboard layout to slow the typis!

Submission + - Google : The Search Company(.) (

sridharo writes: Inspite of Google foraying into a number of domains like Mobile, CAD ( Sketchup), Social Media ( Buzz, GoogleMe?), analysts point out that the Search business would remain the major contributor to its revenues in the near future. For the foreseeable future Google would remain a search company they say.

Submission + - Mars site may hold 'buried life' (

sridharo writes: Researchers have identified that ancient rocks from Nili Fossae could contain fossilised remains of life. These rocks are very similar to Pilbara rocks in North West Australis. The rocks are estimated to be upto four billion years old i.e three quarters of the history of Mars

Submission + - Regulators considering action against Apple (

sridharo writes: According to the Korea Times article, South Korean regulators are considering action against Apple for the poor after sales service.
Another recent incident( was the the no-cash for ipad policy presumably to prevent ipads being sold in the grey market.

Submission + - Privacy? Go To Hell (

sridharo writes: Inspite of the assurances the Social Networking sites do send "non-anonymous" data to advertising companies. These advertising companies use the data to show targeted ads, which are already under heavy scrutiny(

Submission + - Aliens have been visitng earth for decades... (

sridharo writes: Paul Hellyer negates Stephen Hawking's advice to not seek out to the alines ( .
To quote him,
"Microchips, for example, fiber-optics, they are just two of the many things that allegedly — and probably for real — came from crashed vehicles,".

An opening dialogue for a grander debate?


Submission + - The iPad. One last time (

sridharo writes: Like all AAPL products, the ipad has generated tonnes of content with speculations and reviews. However, most of them undermine the one thing that ipad does in exemplary — making the pc personal.
The two videos that seal the deal for an ipad are here. A 99 year old woman( and a 2.5 year old( ) using ipad and
The tribute to ipad by the 99 year old woman :

To this technology-ninny it'
s clear
In my compromised 100th year,
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer.

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