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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: It was the HD DVD JE wot won it

I'm a little concerned about the awesome power of the HD DVD journal entry. I started off with this, completely unintentionally destroying the HD DVD format, a format I really wanted to succeed, and to replace DVD.

Then, with Hillary Clinton riding high in the polls, I modified it as a joke here. I didn't want Clinton to win, I wanted Obama to win. Well, Clinton lost.

So, McCain has a good party conference. He appoints Palin VP candidate. Despite the mindboggling stupidity of the move, his numbers rise, placing himself overwhelmingly in the lead. Hope begins to fade. So I posted this. I wasn't expecting it to work. I'm a liberal, I'm not used to winning anything.

Within a week, the economy has collapsed. Obama is overturning McCain's lead.

Now, let's think about that for a moment. The economy collapsed. Whatever forces are unleashed by my journal entry felt it necessary to actually crash the economy in order to make that work. It's like a Twilight Zone twist, or a genie-in-a-lantern story.

Admittedly, that's not what happened with the HD DVD or Clinton cases. With the HD DVD thing, arguably Hollywood committed long term suicide by adopting the format that doesn't work, is too expensive, and still thinks it's the 1980s. But the Clinton thing? I don't remember any disaster occurring that made Clinton lose ground.

Is this the world's most dangerous journal entry?

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